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Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Interesting/boring things about me

Not sure what to post, i dont have any interesting photos that i can show so im going to talk - in bullet points - about stuff that has happened lately that you might be interested in and perhaps would like to comment about. I'll add a random picture at the end too incase it gets too boring.
  • Still antsy and waiting for my Uni to send me stuff, but i checked on UCAS and they congratulated me saying that im officially in or whatnot.
  • Dentist today, had a filling and have to cut down on sweets :(
  • Trying to find a certain, very cool magazine shop, RD Franks and failing miserably, i went to John Lewis and bought some lovely navy tights. I CANNOT wait until A/W starts so i can change what im wearing and start dressing my part as a styling/promo student.
  • Last week, tuesday to be exact, i briefly followed/stalked We Are Scientists, and Keith's hair is yes, very grey. But he's still hot. Sadly i didnt see them properly, only their backs -my friend pointed them out to me after they walked past - but Chris did turn his face to talk to Keith and i saw that. I wanted to run after them and get a photo but my friend was being crap and wouldnt 'accompany' me in my time of giddyness. Then i tried to wait for them to come out of whatever shop they were in so i could get a polaroid, after a few minutes i decided to give them their privacy and i gave up. Next time. And it was at Covent Garden. *sigh*

Err, thats the main things. Im always bad at thinking things off the top of my head.

Batman movie comes out tomorrow. Would like to see it soon. Heath Ledger looks SOOOOOO cool as The Joker.

Hopefully i'll have some new pictures to show tomorrow, i'll be going out to town in the horrible heat, the temperature keeps changing, earlier it said tomorrow would be 24, now its 28. Thats stupidly hot. Although my heritage is from a hot hot humid place, i was born and bred in London, i love the cold, hence my love for A/W seasons.

Stop. Picture time.

I did not take this picture, from google, or i guess musichead.com.au to be exact. This picture is neither very recent, or as recent as last week, Keith's hair was MUCH more grey and Chris' (on the left of Keith of course) hair was shorter. But they are as skinny as you'd imagine. And skinnier. Some SERIOUSLY skinny legs i saw on Keith at least.


AsianCajuns said...

I love We Are Scientist! Luck you that you got to see them walking by kind of.

Sorry to hear about your dentist visit! The dentist is never fun.

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

when you saw them, you should of shouted.."I LOVE YOU" at the top of your voice..hehe.
well done about uni!! :)

simon n' josh said...

Skinny legs? That's interesting.

Sugar Pop said...

I cannot WAIT for cooler weather. and then when it eventually comes, I'll ask for summer...ah well.

Emily loves it said...

you have a cute blog! let's link!

Dapper Kid said...

I so want some colder weather already! Ooo and what uni are you going to??

rather-robyn said...

Thanks for your comments on my lonely lonely blog! Yeah I vaguely read the Gossip Girl books before I watched the series, but it became such a repeptitive thing-essentially Serena/Blair ending up with Nate in turn.

Ha the Uni thing was just me getting carried away after reading lots of The Flying Saucer, but I was looking at Media-y courses-I found one which was a mixture of English Language and Media. Sorry its so vague. Also, I havent read through all of your posts yet but I get the feeling you're doing arty stuff?

Jon said...

Hello, thanks for the comment you left - I didn't think anyone could find my blog, it's quite hidden :)
You've got a lovely little blog here, I'm jealous and impressed.

I was as relieved as you when UCAS told me happy things, and it's cool that you saw WAS, I love little claims to fame like that :D
(also, damn them their skinny legs..)

Is there an art picnic coming up in the nearish future? Let us all know :)

Dapper Kid said...

I've just been using cheapo 400iso fuji film. You sooo need to get your photos developed!!

yiqin; said...