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Friday, 18 July 2008

Filler post2.

I havent posted something new for a while... just dont know what to post, well i have a few things but i want to make the posts interesting and not bore you too much.. ive been knitting and trying to figure out what im going to do as a summer project.... still havent heard from Uni yet... my friend who's going CSM has been told that she's getting a summer project.. and thats all. But I want a summer project!!! It feels weird not having a deadline and something to do. Internet and tv is getting old, im trying to avoid the library because i have a fine on my card and i dont yet have much money to pay that off so i can read like 100+ books.
Watching a lot of dvds though, mainly SATC boxset.

Oh and i bought the KARL LAGERFELD tee that was shown on the previous post :)

Want to get the new NYLON mag, but my friend is going to America tomorrow and she said she would get me a copy from there. Mainly because it is a LOT cheaper buying said magazine from there than here in UK. Stupidly overpriced in the UK.

Taken from here.

The dress is Doir? I cant remember.. Galliano for Dior? I will check later on. But this was the dress from Season 6 where Carrie was in Paris and she was waiting for The Russian and he never turnt up, she fell asleep, and the dress!!! If anyone who has seen that particular scene when you see her kinda asleep with the dress all around her.. like a massive circle and she's in the middle...


Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

i hate that when you want some work/project to do but don't have it...
...although when you get it..you wish you didn't have it!
i am trying to get on with my next project and was having a hard time getting a new starting point..but it all came to me in the middle of the night, so i am ready to go!hehe

i am glad you got the tee!!
also what uni are you going for??

simon n' josh said...

I'm sure you'll think of something to pass the time now.

That dress is amazing. But I wonder how much fun it is to move in it.

Have some fun.

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

well for my next project for uni..(and kinda my last as its a year project..) i am really into working with objects, but using them in different ways..for example you know my birds i made a while ago, well i made one with a lightbulb for the birds head.
you can still see that its a lightbulb, but you can also see how it can be a birds head...
hmm i know it just sounds weird when i have to write it down...but i am just going to think a bit more about that. got a few ideas, so thats good!! :)
hmm, dont worry about the reviews, its different every year, it depends on the students! :)
..ps the jetson's rule!!hehe :D

CoutureCarrie said...

I loooooove that tiered dress!!

Dapper Kid said...

Woooooow that dress is super!!! I think you should master using both hands to draw...I don't know why, I just like the idea of someone drawing with both hands at the same time.

Dang said...

That dress is gorgeous. Wow. Wow. Wow.

Hannah said...

A summer project sounds like fun. If they don't send you one you should definitely come up with your own, maybe some creative d.i.y..? By the way what course are you doing/where are you doing it?

Nadir Tejani said...

The dress is Versace. They say it's couture, so probably Atelier Versace, and it cost $78,000.00 back in 2004.

ed said...