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Thursday, 28 January 2010

For any writers who are NY or will be NY based for Fashion Week

Feel free to repost this and let your friends know :)

This is purely for my work placement, i'm just helping out. Soon i'll make a post about what i've been doing for the past weeks or so...

Just a C+P from twitter, written by yours truly so it's still oh-so-very personal...

"NY BLOGGERS/WRITER AND/OR CONTRIBUTERS NEEDED to assist Sketchbook editors at NY Fashion Week!

Editors will be in NY from 9TH - 19TH FEB - email hayleylau@sketchbookmagazine.com with CVs and WRITING SAMPLES"

Good luck to all who apply!

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The post that would wrap up 2009 into 2010..

is finally here :) taken me nearly two weeks of procrastinating. Mmm.

I hope 2010 is going well so far for everyone. Its been treating me ok, not great, but could be worse.

Where to start? Because it's my blog, and that I never had any particular type of subject that the posts were about, i'm going to mainly going list crap that happened to me. Unless I figure out something better.

2009 in a nutshell:
  • Met and made some brilliant friends,
  • First wedding attended,
  • Paris - a holiday without family,
  • Saw a LOT of films at the cinema - I made a list of films I had seen a few posts back, and not knowing which was the last, I would like to add these three: Nine, Where the Wild Things Are and New Moon.
  • My first real pair of heels,
  • Interview for a workplacement and got it :D (I start next monday!)
  • Really regret taking out an overdraft,
  • Get my lovely MacBook!
  • Said goodbye to my teenage years,
  • Have some and the worst experiences in my life.
There is only so much you can say, to talk about. Its all in the past and i'm going to try and live from the mistakes and at other times, know when to fight back and say something.

It was a pretty bad year overall i think, not including the external things like war, and going through tough times with the recession. But I had plenty of friends, or many people I knew, go through deaths of loved ones. But there were good times, like the time I didn't want to go a gig but was persuaded to go by a friend, and really enjoyed the night or finally realizing what I was aiming for and my strengths - career wise.

For 2010, i'll hopefully be going to New York! I've been planning for a while and am just trying to get friends to go along with me now! I had plans to visit Roma this year (finally!), but, I decided not to as I really need the money as i'll be moving out for my 3rd year :D I can, in theory afford Italy too, but I'd rather save the money for my trip to NY and for rent. Roma can always be next year.

I do this every year, but to be honest, I never have any concrete goals to aim for, but now I do (NYC), but I'll hopefully lose some weight and then just be this skinny crazy chick with the weird ideas. Yeah. Something like that.

My other goals for the year are to be much more positive and less passive, as well as make a much better effort at uni and try and get some work placements during the summer. This is after my postponed jury service. Gaaaaah.

I'll have a subject based post for next time. I'm really backtracking.

Saturday, 2 January 2010


Happy New Year all!

I'm now going to be working on a post to end things with 2009 and the wonderfully interesting beginning of 2010, but not before a small car journey to find some half price Ben and Jerry's.

I hope everyone is safe and had a good enough end of the year into the new.

I'm also slacking on everything, and blogwise, slacking on making posts that have been semi-promised and commenting on posts that I usually would have.

Also, the Christmas period, hope everyone had a brilliant time, it really is the best time of year. Unless you don't celebrate it because of religious reasons, I hope you all had fun too!
Taken sometime during November 2009. '3D' glasses 'borrowed' from careless cinema that shouldn't have left their glasses hanging outside on a door handle.