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Saturday, 2 January 2010


Happy New Year all!

I'm now going to be working on a post to end things with 2009 and the wonderfully interesting beginning of 2010, but not before a small car journey to find some half price Ben and Jerry's.

I hope everyone is safe and had a good enough end of the year into the new.

I'm also slacking on everything, and blogwise, slacking on making posts that have been semi-promised and commenting on posts that I usually would have.

Also, the Christmas period, hope everyone had a brilliant time, it really is the best time of year. Unless you don't celebrate it because of religious reasons, I hope you all had fun too!
Taken sometime during November 2009. '3D' glasses 'borrowed' from careless cinema that shouldn't have left their glasses hanging outside on a door handle.

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thehotelhomo said...

What is this thing with stealing from cinemas???

They don't owe you anything lol