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Sunday, 6 July 2008


I miss Alien Ant Farm. I cant really care for them nowadays, but the song 'Movies', makes my heart cry a little. 'Cry'. I miss the old days of secondary school (aka high school).

I've only watched a few mini stories already, but if you havent already, you should all go out and buy (or go online) and watch Paris, Je T'aime.

It's meant to be about little stories of people showing off Paris...? Or something.. some of the films are SOOOOOOOO weird, but they're really cute and sweet, regardless of some of the language..... but i love the one done by Gus Van Sant... the guy chatting to the guy in french and it turns out the dude doesn't understand french!!! But starts running off - to find the french dude? - but we'll never know.. because it cuts to another film. Seriously, the films are sooo adorable and they're not very long.

Tomorrow im hopefully going to the Topshop sale, i will hopefully buy some clothing and hopefully will get the FIRST, actually, i'll say SECOND image of me somewhat 'dressing up' or whatever you young kids are calling it these days...

This is the closest thing to me dressing up so far, since i got my hard-drive replaced ages ago all my old pictures with me dressing up have long gone im afraid. This is me with Josh, and i'm trying to hide from the camera all pointing at me wearing my friend Kelly's (not pictured) hat.


emma said...

aww alien ant farm, glow is one of my favorites

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

aw i love Paris, Je T'aime. its a wonderful film! i can't wait for the new york one!!
you have great taste in movies! :)