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Monday, 21 July 2008


Its annoying trying to write a decent post and then deciding that its crap. So last night i was bored and ive been planning on doing handwritten posts for a while..

(for those who cant read my writing: "I'm not sure what to say. Fill up the silence with actions. What does this all mean? Fuck it, im off to shower." Twas bit in a weird/bad mood, still kinda am. Grrr. Hate summer. At least its my birthday soon.)

That was done last night. Blogger is being really shit, took me ages to upload this one single image.

Need a job. Anyone hiring? Like UK based. want someone i dont know, to do some meaning-less chores for them in exchange for money?


Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

i love your pic..i was thinking of doing a hand written post, they look so personal.
ps, love your handwriting!!

CoutureCarrie said...

Love the handwritten post.
Isn't it ironic that the more "primitive" form of communication is actually much more complicated than its modern counterpart?