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Monday, 29 December 2008

Flickr and Weeds.

Just to fill in the blanks for not posting enough and probably not knowing when my next post is, just typing in phrases to flickr and finding some nice and interesting images. Some are kinda obvious to what i might've typed in......

Mission Accomplished

Ok, so maybe not so obvious, but they involved: Jelly Castles, Glowsticks polaroids, Glowstick writing and polaroids of Robert Pattinson. The crush will not die! Everything is getting all Vampire related in my life! Its wrong.

If you dont know about this show, i do suggest you try watch it, its sooooo good! I now own all three series that i can get my grubby hands on in the UK!

I present you, Weeds,
Basically, Nancy, mother of two has just been turnt into a widow and deals weed to maintain the lifestyle she has and to pay her bills for her family and stuff. Something like that. Its veeeeery good and the dude who plays her oldest son, Silas - Hunter Parrish is HOT.


Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

Adventureland t-shirts are amazing, i want one so much tooo!!
i love weeds so much! :)

LITTLE J said...

The love picture is so cool!