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Sunday, 1 February 2009


I am indeed. Im constantly apologising for lack of posts and that i will post more and at the same time stop apologising.

Ive been thinking of something to post, unlike some brilliants blogs, im not constantly creating AMAZING art - inside the cabinet of wonder is one main blog i can think of that does said things. BUT, finally, i have something! In a few hours, im onset for my photoshoot for uni - im only the mere stylist and concept person so my role isnt that impressive. But this means i shall have photos. I owe a few people other photos of things so that is an excuse to upload pics from my camera which i dread doing when i do take photos. Its lazy-ness on my behalf basically.

Ive seen 3 films in the past 3days (not including today), i saw a preview of Revolutionary Road on thursday, Rachel getting Married on friday, and Twilight again yesterday :) i had planned to see Nick and Nora's infinite playlist on friday but i didnt arrive early enough for the showing - i had planned to see two films that day - on my ownsome, its not too bad watching films on your own.. but thats a different less-rushed post - and then yesterday, after Twilight, but the nearest cinema that played it, well, me and my friend wasnt sure where it was.. so we'll see it together sometime next week, but im seeing it on monday though.

This post doesnt make sense, im trying to just brief through things ive been doing but this is an 'epic fail' and i need to stop typing. Its currently around 1:07am as i type - regardless of the time blogger post thing is telling you and i need to be up around 5:15 to get my 5:54am bus - i dont even know what time my first bus is! - so i can be on my location shoot thing for 8am. Long story, i shall explain later. I really will

Ooh, i also recieved my long-awaited full series of Six Feet Under! Finally! I saw a small part when i was younger but i never really paid it attention because my mind was elsewhere, but i do love three of the male actors, um, sorry for spelling mistakes, Peter Kraus, Freddy Rodriguez and Michael C. Hall. I love them, i may not be able to spell their surnames right on first try but i do love the shows they star in.

So long, fare well, auf weidersehen, goodbye.

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Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

aww thank you for what you said about me! thats really nice.
yay you saw twilight again!! :)
nick and norah is very cool. although its not too much like the book. but still a fab movie anyway!
hope all is good. and cant wait to see some pics of your work!! :)