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Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Styling Shoot

Nothing in particular at the moment is interesting, well, my class at uni is setting up a catwalk show for tuesday.. not everything is sorted out still which isn't good, and the models are coming in on thursday for fittings or something, but i can't make it :S im being called to help on a real shoot! I guess its not too overly important that i be there for thursday, though its not good that i miss it, but this is a real styling shoot that is experience and something my course is about. Hmm.

Well, last week i had my first shoot for my own project, i havent got any final pics, but i did take some while i didnt do my job and watched the designer do it herself and the photographer do his thang. We're all uni students, so when i mention 'photographer' or 'designer' in this post, they're either 2nd or 3rd years in my uni. This was a collaboration project.

The model is just a normal girl, goes to uni and happens to be tall and skinny that people ask her to model for them as a favour. Being my first shoot, i never realised how much you just stand around, of course, i wasn't meant to, the designer wasn't meant to be there and i was meant to be art directing/styling instead, not her. But otherwise, it is generally quite a stressful thing, setting them up, getting the location, its not very glamorous, the weather was freezing but you need to get the shoot done.

Im excited for the shoot on thursday, im not sure what im doing exactly, all i know is that im helping out, dont know if i'll be able to take photos but if there are, i'll find the link... this will be explained later :)

Soon after this last shot was taken, snow started falling. Then came the infamous Snow Day of february!

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Dinah said...

Ahhhh styling is such a fickle job. You never know when it is appropriate to jump in and change something or chill out, especially if you're not familiar with the photographer or people you're working with. I feel ya, but that looks so cool!