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Monday, 9 March 2009

It's been a long time coming.

Damn. I've not realised how long i've not blogged for. Maybe i'll try aim for a one-post-per-week thing. That's a good thing to aim for yup.

Strangely enough, my course isn't making me draw or design wonderful ideas which makes it hard to create somewhat 'original' post as i try not to post things based on just images on the internet. Not that there is anything wrong with that... and i do that quite a lot myself...

The only thing going for me in current life is watching films. So.. i guess i could do posts on that... but not today.
Herrrre is where i got the image from.

This is about Little Red Riding Hood as you can see, i'm just playing around with ideas for a new project at uni, its about a setting up a exhibiton and having to decide where im having it, what it is about etc, the usual, - this is all theoretical btw, we dont actually SET UP a real exhibtion, it's all make believe - and this is one of the ideas i have, this was is the last one i came up with that i might use, the others being Lolita, Russian Dolls and the thing with grannies dressing up in like 'young people' clothing, like Mutton-dressed-as-lamb, or something similar, to the extreme. Like this:

But it's early days. I'll think more on it when it's not 1am and my arse isn't on fire from sitting in one spot.

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Dinah said...

That little red riding hood image reminds me of an Alexander McQueen campaign, if he'd just friggin release one.