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Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Random Things.

I wasnt tagged. But im stealing this off Rather=Robyn's blog post thing.

Something to do with random things - i found the source, and its 7 things. I say a lot of random crap on this blog already so im sorry if i repeat myself.

1. I too, like Robyn, has a Harry Potter-like scar. Unlike him, mine is REAL. And i had stitches, i assume in the Wizarding world they dont 'do' stitches. This is my memory behind the scar, though im not entirely sure if it was a dream or not, but its the only memory i have. I was in reception and im running towards those crappy kiddy now-you're-all-grown-up-legs-included-you're-suprised-how-low-the-tables-are kinda tables, and im kinda as 90-degrees angle as one can be, charging towards the table. BAM. (This is kinda like the pensieve thing in Harry Potter books, the memory thing, where the memory is continuous in a badly edited kinda way.) Im getting into the back of what i think is my headteacher's car? I have something on my head. BAM. Im holding a can of Tango(?) and walking into the hospital. BAM. Nurse is kinda doing something on my forehead, it kinda feels weird, i thinking (or asking?) why or what she is doing... memory fades and i am no longer roughly sure of what i was thinking/saying to her. BAM. My mum is needing to buy bandages and im kinda on my way home. BAM. Im home and there is something involving ham and pineapple pizza which i am not happy with.

I also have a weird memory of wearing just my pants, with my mum in the room and getting on the table for a X-ray?
This is one of the memories, rather its completely true or not, but as memories go, its pretty vivid and its something ive never elaborated too much on, its its either true or unconsciously made up.

*BAM = blackout/fade/next scene.

2. I 99% have to read something, preferably a book like 90% of the time, before i sleep. Maybe something like a nap i'll just try and sleep, but if i can, doesnt matter how late it is, i will try and read. I dont know why, but its a habit. Ive often lost LOTS of sleep, averagely 30minutes of sleep, just by reading instead of sleeping. The main reason i stop to sleep is because it might be too late to carry on reading or my eyes wont stay open anymore.

3. I can make paper orgami Cranes. Not cranes as in the mechanical type, but in the bird Crane. It doesnt really look like a real Crane, but thats what they're called in the Origami world. I was taught by my mum's bff's daughter in Hong Kong like.. years ago... 2002? I was like 11 back then.. it was random. I still remember how to do it and along the way i've taught a few people and bedazzled many with the odd 'talent'. Ive retired from making them but am willing to make them for those who ask. (In a later edited version, i shall add a photo of one i especially made and then photo-ed for this blog.)

4. I have Grade 1 in the flute. YEAH. Random right? I was too scared to do Grade 2 as i probably just about passed the first one. I was sooooo nervous. This was back in year 5 i think. I carried on lessons until year 8 - obviously, my flute teacher changed after changing to secondary school, and i stopped mainly because my second teacher was a *insert really bad word*. I still have it around in my closet, i can just about remember how certain notes are played.

5. I love The Sound of Music. I helped out briefly backstage at my secondary school's production of it, and i think from there, i learnt to love it. I didnt really know the film but thought it was brilliant when watching from behind the curtains. I have the singalong version on DVD. Oh yes. But i dont understand why my friends wont go see it with me in theatre :( do any bloggers want to go see it? I would happily go and see it with you... if you havent seen it, its soooo good. The songs are just genius.

6. I miss maths. I just miss counting up stuff and the mulitplication stuff. Aaah. It took me ages to learn all my timestables but i still remember them quite well. But GCSE maths though, not too complicated. Besides Art, Maths was my second decent subject. Not that i did overly great. Didnt like things involving shapes though. Just numbers.

7. Im on my second re-read through the Twilight series - ive suprisingly not mentioned anything to do with my favourite Vampires until now. Im on the third one, just a bit ahead of the big fight-based scene - dont want to spoil anything for those who HAVENT read it, seriously, go buy the book. NOW. After you read this post of course. - and like the first run through, i dont like that im towards the ending of another of the vampire books, - its like Harry Potter, i love both series, i love the worlds thats been created, i want to LIVE in those worlds - i try 'prolong' the fantasy-ness by distracting myself with a different book. Last time i read... the 9th Princess Diaries book - the 10th is the last one! - and now its Wicked (some may know of Wicked: The Musical, but the book is what the musical was based on).

Finally, its over. I know you didnt really elaborate on the subject on random-ness.. and i did.. i rambled on a lot. Its a bad habit.


Malena said...

I love the sound of music as well! I think it's one of the greatest musicals.
And plus, I also have a Harry Potter scar. Nice!

erin meagan said...

I wish I had a harry potter scar. Although some people tell me that I look like ginny. I don't know why.
I love (the book and the musical) Wicked!

rather-robyn said...

aaaag i am sorry for not tagging you but as I had tagged you like a day ebfore I thought I'd just leave it open-I LOVE YOUR MEMORY OF THE SCAR THING!!! I especially love the BAM! bits, the tango bit and (in a non-pervy way) the pants bit because if the injury was on your head then why weren't you wearing clothes?! (If this is somthing to do with X-Ray stuff and would usually happen then that's ok)

I actively feel the shame of dropping out of art to this day; I walk around college and weep as I go past the Art rooms on the way to Photography whilst kidding myself that History is somehow an art form anyway...also cranes=cool!

Sorry about this really strangely long message?!