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Friday, 7 November 2008

Just briefly...

Im sorry i havent been posting recently, ive got two projects due in the next couple of days and therefore extremely busy even though i planned to do work tonight and ended up going drinking..... i gave in a project a few days ago.. one down, two to go.

Here's some stuff of recent:
  • Duh, Barack Obama being the future president!!!!! Yay, im so fucking glad its not the republicans winning.
  • I got tagged by Robyn of 'Rather=Robyn' and i WILL do the tagged post :D because i can gush about Twilight, it'll have to be after thursday at the very earliest.
  • Anyone found the winter issue of V Man? The one with Chace Crawford on the cover... It's this issue im looking for, if anyone has seen or got a copy and lives in the UK, particularly near-ish London... please let me know where i can get it so i can get a copy. Ive been looking for AGES, none of the Borders or main magazine shops have a copy or know about the Winter issue regardless of what they say. there IS a winter issue, its their first winter issue.

Yeah, thats it for bulletins, i havent been up to much, just uni work, so much work with so little time. But my last crit in the upcoming week is thursday - i have to film/design and edit a 60 second film, and crit for tuesday is to design a shop with all the bits inside, advertising and make a model. Hmm. But its over soon. The week after i have a 'Fashion Events Week' which i have no idea what it involves... but it means no crits and hopefully a few posts.

I am still reading the blogs even though im too not myself to comment, be very sure that i AM reading your post :)

OOOH, also, ive bought 'The Bad Mother's Handbook' - it has Robert Pattinson (and Catherine Tate), as well as a bunch of other dvds from the previous two weeks but im waiting until next thursday night to watch them!!!! Its nearly over! - the crits i mean.



Sugar Pop said...

mmmm robert pattinson and chace crawford!

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

oh i love 'The Bad Mother's Handbook' so much!!!
robert is so sweet in this!! :)