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Sunday, 23 November 2008


Im in the process of another post, im just trying to mass blog. If i can. Because you never know when the next post from me is coming.

I've given in 3 projects for uni already, 3 doesnt sound like a lot, but i have another 2-3 due in within the next month and thats not including a essay and a on-going project due in march, so anyway, i had a week free along with this weekend - well, i have a project due monday - 2 actually, - and well, instead of working on my sketchbook, i watched a bunch of films. I mass bought films a few weeks ago and watched most of them very recently. Woo. Along with some very brief film descriptions.

Here are a selected few of the ones i watched:

Forgetting Sarah Marshall - Man get dumped by girlfriend, he's upset and she's already dating. He goes somewhere to try and get over her and she's there. it wasnt too bad, some nudity i didnt see coming and i loved the Dracula parts!

Notes on a Scandal - Narrated from the character played by Dame Judi Dench, a new teacher to the school has an affair with student, another teacher who has befriended the new teacher catches them and from there it begins, like blackmail. I really liked it, brilliantly acted, to me it was like watching Robin Williams for the first time in One Hour Photo. Now i really need to read the book, as for those who dont know, this film was based on the book of the same name.
Freedom Writers - based on the real story of a teacher encouraging her class that they can do a lot better than the gang-based life that they live in. Its really quite inspiring. At first i did not like most of the characters, but as the film progresses, you hear and see their background and they start to open up and you start to see through their harsh exterior. Something like that.

Into the Wild - I've been nagged to watch this since summer, or a little before. Dude from rich/well off respectable background ditches his materialistic background - including changing his name - and just travels around with the things he has and very little money because he burns it. His main goal is to get to Alaska. The film is partially narrated through his sister and is too, based on a real story. The ending made me CRY. This film i seriously DO recommend, Emile Hirsch played the guy brilliantly. Kristen Stewart of my favourite Vampire film features in this film too.

The Bad Mother's Handbook - Based on the book of the same name, im not really sure how to describe this book without giving too much away, basically just seeing a mother going through some life changing events of her life. Pretty bad synopsis i know. Catherine Tate didnt annoy me as much as i thought she would, but this film was quite sweet, not sure if it was worth me buying though to be honest. But my favourite (Vampire) Robert Pattinson - or as hard-corey fans like to call him, 'R-Pattz' - is in this, the reason i bought this film of course. It thought it was pretty awkward to watch him play this character who is extremely awkward, but verrrrrry sweet. And the hair, oh dead, please Robert, NEVER do that to your hair. Or anyone else for that matter.

Son of Rambow - i've seen this film three times already. Basically, some kids recreating parts of the first Rambo film. Its soooooo sweet this film. I didnt really like the ending, got a bit too soppy, but i enjoyed it thoroughly. 'I AM THE SON OF RAMBOW'. And Didier. This was my favourite of the bunch, the main film i was looking for when in the process of mass buying DVDs, i enojyed this more than seeing Robert in The Bad Mother's Handbook. This had a mainly non-speaking part with Ed Westwick. The illustrated bible was sooo cool, its something that im going to try and re-create, not with a bible, but with a large book at least. Southbank usually has this book stall/tables selling books, i might just buy one or two of those books and just destroy it with my drawings. Or i'll just get one from charity. Which reminds me to donate my old books to my local Starbucks :)

So that was the first in my list of badly described films.

I have In Bruge, Quadrophenia and The Chronicles of Narnia to get through still.

Might do a book list next. When you see the Tagged post you'll understand why.

Just trying to educate the masses.

Also, its meant to snow soon! I live in the crappy south and we dont get as much snow as the north generally does. I love snow. As soon as there is snow falling, im going to be mass Polaroiding.


Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

awww fab post, amazing movies.
i love fsm so much, jason is amazing.
i love robert in bad mothers handbook.
hope things are good. :)

Philippa said...

Notes on a Scandal is brilliant, isn't it? I read the book first, almost in a whole day - tube journey in, lunch break, tube home, then half an hour at home, and then sent my boyfriend down to Blockbuster to rent it! We loved it. The book is way better than the film though, in my opinion.