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Saturday, 15 November 2008

Im starting to run out of titles...

Im baaaack! For a while anyway.
I definately passed one project, one is pass/fail and the other is definate fail. I have final assessments later in december so im going to try and not worry about it too much this week, the only week im not having timetabled lessons and lectures with random guest people. Woo.

I was planning to put some photos here, ok, like two, of these illustrations i did - just to show i WAS actually working and to share with everyone, but my camera today has decided to not want to upload photos. Bad camera.

Here's something... Ok, right. The uploader thing has decided to fuck up too. So this is just a nothing post.

There is another post that i need to get sorted out so i'll just go ahead...

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Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

i really cannot wait to see your amazing work!! please post as soon as you can.
hope all is good!!! :)