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Saturday, 18 October 2008


This post was soon going to be written anyway.

For those crazies who havent heard of 'Twilight' as the book/film, then.... click here, books written by Stephenie Meyer.

But for those who have.

Basically, girl moves to new town and is 'drawn' to this particular family of brothers and sisters who go to her school and then falls in love with one of the dudes. And the family are vampires. Woo. Vampires.

I LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOOOVE the book. Twilight is a series of 4 books in total: Twilight, Eclipse, New Moon and Breaking Dawn.

But i hear there will be a book called 'Midnight Sun' which is told in the view of main vampire Edward. Words cannot describe how much i LOVED the book.

Im not going to try and give away too much, but im going to gush. Im currently a chapter or two into the third book. I started reading Twilight (the first book) last sunday... and now on the third. I finished the second in like two days. And the second book is im guessing AT LEAST 450pages. Thats how much im into this series-majig.

The first book has been made into a film of the same name and is being released in November somewhere. I HAVE to go to the premier. If i can. I dunno, im getting geekly depressed thats its all nearly ending and going to the premier may send me off the edge because im so full of excitement.

Here are some pictures while i try to think of some coherent sentances to type.

All my images were taken from here.

The main film poster:
The 'Cullens' and 'Bella'.

And a not-the-most-flattering-picture of the two main leads.Im kinda a twat and i dont really know or can be bothered to find out/know all the actors and actresses names, well, only of 'Edward' - Robert Pattinson - omg, my crush for him is starting all over again, some may know him mainly as 'Cedric' in the fifth Harry Potter film, or for my 'old school' bloggers, some may know or have even seen the images, that Robert used to be a model, at one point i think Bliss (UK) magazine... yes.. like a WEIRDO, I, for some reason kept his poster. Hahaaha, its sooo sad. Again, this was many years ago, PLEASE say someone remembers this too.... it was him along with some other guys and you was meant to vote which one was the cutest... as you can guess i thought Robert was, but i DIDNT vote. I swear. Anyway, getting back to subject, i also know the actress playing 'Esme', Elizabeth Reaser? She was 'Jane Doe/Ava' in Greys Anatomy.

Here's a imdb link for the film.

So in this new obsession, i think my last was a quickly faded Michael Phelps based one, though he is still very cute in a scarily tall dorky way, ive badly researched what potential mags are doing the promo for this film, and all i got is V Man. I dont care its a dude mag, this obsession has no bounds when it comes to magazines. The pictures in V Man are pretty cute though, the ones with the fangs.

If you are a fan of the said series and want to talk about them. Because i cant get enough and i only know ONE other person that knows about the books, but she's still on the first book and i shant see her until like wednesday - well, my email is available, feel free to obsess with me :)

(Later edit: silly me, here's the link to the film website and, if you've seen the trailor, is it me, or does Robert Pattinson look SOO good in Ray Bans?)


Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

ah the twilight-ness..i love it so much. re, no they are not going out, but they look so good together!!
and yes, yes, yes...robert does look amazing..and yes amazing in Ray Bans.
yes, if you have the poster, scan it!! lol :)

rather-robyn said...

Ag I HAVE to read/see this! But every time I go to my local library some arse has got it out and I'm too shy to reserve it. Ha your suggestion was ace; I might just do that...but I sent this email to everyone in college a few weeks ago saying 'Rare conker for sale-not rude' and got some very strange replies so I might have to be a bit careful with the old college provocation. Robert Pattison looks good in everything!

rather-robyn said...

Hello again! I have tagged you! I am pretty sure one of your choices would be Twilight?