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Wednesday, 8 October 2008


I havent posted in ages. Shit. Oops.

There isnt really an excuse for it, except im in uni now? But i'll also blame my laptop being weird and my camera uploading pictures in being weird.. i'll try it tomorrow because i have LOADS of pictures to upload/show you all. And having a scanner too woul REALLY help as i have polaroids.

So sadly, no personal pictures, but this is for everyone in the UK, just a small tip, Nike have a 'Pop Up' shop, which is basically just a temporary shop set up anywhere, and it being 'temporary', the amount of time it being there can range from a week (or even less) to a few months or so. This Nike shop is on Curtain Road, near one of the LCF campuses, nearest station being Old Street. Im not neccessarily a sportswear fan, but i friggin loved this place, especially the walls outside which have been painted/spray painted with different designs of Nike designs... i'll try and upload pictures in the next post, but here are some of the pictures from inside...
The place really is AMAZING. Its on until September, and i got those images from here. It's just soooooo cool, you really have to have a look yourself if you can. A quick story behind the last two pictures is that the room (the last three pictures are in the same 'room'), are that it is constantly being changed, artists are coming in and adding artwork to it the room, everything design is done by a different artist, like i said, you really have to see it for yourself. Its wonderful and inspiring from an artistic and fashion point of view, but from the view of someone in the public, its just sooo cool. That this place is just temporary, but yet so different from other shops. Im just rambling now :)

Im still reading everyone's blog even though im not constantly updating my blog, im always online... i think my email is availible on my blog profile so its not as if you cant just email me.... i have friggin' SIX projects for uni! Its not totally hectic schedule but its a lot, so when im not being distracted or worrying about work i will try and post as much as possible.


Sugar Pop said...

Oh dude. That looks so cool.

YOU HAVEN'T POSTED IN AGES? My last post (before today's) was in August. duuuuuude

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

the shop looks amazing, and so much fun! glad to have you back!!! :) hope uni is lots of fun!!!

Emily Wong said...

That is so cool. I've always wanted to paint on wood. I should try it soon. :)