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Sunday, 21 September 2008

Things to do.

Ive got a few things to do this week, hence the crappy title. Feeling a bit scummy too, sore throat and weird headache thing, i suspect i has a fever?

So, this week i need to
  • Enroll at uni,
  • Get my money stuff and spend it on clothes, stationary, books, magazines and Polaroids.
  • Call up the gym and sort out a induction thing, woop free gym for 3months,
  • Go to the Supremes exhibition at V&A and finish off my summer project, the one that has gone horribly wrong,
  • See some friends before uni starts,
  • Sort out my 18+ Oyster card,
  • Pay off a fine,
  • Pay my friend back for tickets for a gig,
  • Upload the images from the gig and email them to her - Gym Class Heroes

and that i think thats mainly it. Not a lot, but im never too good with thinking straight on the spot off the top of my head.

Lipstick Jungle and America's Next Top Model starts in the UK tomorrow!!!! ANTM has started to get sooo cheesey, since about series 5-6 and after, its gone dooooownhill, yet i still watch every episode.

I think my laptop has a virus too. Its had this weird thing popping up since yesterday, after about 20mins on the laptop, it will start popping up loads of this symantic thing, - antivirus software? - and yeah, i have to disconnect the internet thing... but i dont really use my laptop much anymore, mainly for internet and Spider Solitaire. Im getting a new laptop next year so maybe finally THEN i can upload and change around my ipod which has had the SAME songs since feb/march of earlier this year.

Had a shitty interview this week, i was LATE, so bad. Think of the worst shop - clothing based - to work in, cheap shitty clothes, thats probably the shop i had my interview, im ASHAMED to name the place, i hate the shop even more than i already did, i just need 'retail experience', but now i just need a job in general.

My eyes are kinda hurting from the light so im gona give up, I'll post some Gym Class Heroes pics later or something, because this post is boring and ranty.



Dinah said...

I effing love Gym Class Heroes. Saw them for the third time on my birthday.

I also do lists too. But I never accomplish anything on them :3

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

i am very very very happy you now have juno!! yay..i found as soon as i got it i watched it like 5 times in a row..love it!!
ahhh i love america's next top model..i am a big fan. i agree that it has gone a little funny in resent years. i couldnt wait so i have already watched the season that has just started...i am on season 11 now! hehe!! :)

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

re; yeah me too!! i really wanna read all the books first. on the second one now! you will love it! the film comes out on the 19th of december, so we still have time to read!
oh i love r.p so much..he is very cute. and i am in love with his crazy wild hair!