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Saturday, 13 September 2008

I didnt really take photos of my time working with the Barry Manilow show thing, i do miss it, but my friend did take a little video with my phone, i thought she was taking PHOTOS, not filming hence most of my actions, if you imagine me thinking she was trying to take a photo and trying to avoid 'having my photo taken' you can therefore hopefully undestand why i was being so weird......

When you see my waving/shaking something at the camera, its a shoehorn. Please dont judge me by this video, and no, i wasnt touching myself. It's a pretty unflattering video of myself but its quite funny.

Btw: Pineapple Express, not bad, could have been better, but if you enjoy the Knocked Up/Superbad/stoner humour then deffo go see it :)

And the song being sang in the background, 'Looks Like We Made It'.

I <3>

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Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

looks like you are having fun!!

i went to see pineapple express the other day. its so funny. i love the pointless bits!! hehe

oh ps..so down with the plan to 'kidnap' Michael Cera and Seth Rogan, i am sure they wouldnt mind, we are lovely people :)