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Friday, 15 May 2009

Location, location, location.

I want to do a lot of things year, too many to mention here, some too personal to mention.

But this year, things that are pretty certain..

  • I'm going Paris,
  • Rome


  • Manchester.

Ok, Manchester, not that interesting because it's still in the UK, but i've never been so that gives it some excitement and it's for my cousin's wedding.

Paris, not official, it was just a thought i had on wednesday night, about going to Paris, alone, just spending a day though, taking photos with my various cameras (digital, Fish Eye and Polaroid - nothing fancy, i do want to buy a Diana), but i thought it would get pretty lonely, so it's best to go with a friend. She's interested, and although she's yet to reply to my facebook wall post thing, i plan to go late june, early july. Just to get uni out of the way, totally. I also want those 'I *heart* tees', i would love me one of those 'I *heart* NY' ones, like a tourist, but i'll have to go there myself. I went to France briefly last year, just a small place in Lille, and because it was a fairly small quiet town, no tourist shops selling such souveniers. In the lead up to this trip, i'll be watching Paris, Je t'aime over and over again, i'm so excited already!

Rome, again, not official, but i was meant to go last year, it was a idea i had for a while, and is the place i want to go to before i die. Last year was a we'll-see-when-it-gets-to-summer kinda idea, now it's a we're-going,-sort-out-the-flights/hotel. This will be around early summer, although i've read how the Romans (the residents of Rome, duh), leave for a long holiday in august, i hope that they haven't left by the time i arrive. (Would it be too fangirly if i went to stalk out the area that will be used in the New Moon film?) I'm not looking forward to the crazy heat though, here's hoping that there is air conditioning.

After all this, i'll be awaiting my 20th, it sucks it falls on the weekend/aftermath of the Reading/Leeds Festival, as some friends will be away. No idea what i have planned yet, maybe another trip away somewhere, i do want to go Liverpool at one point... or perhaps a day out in Brighton? There's plenty of time to think about that....

Oh, and i love me some french/italian accents, preferrably the french :)

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