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Thursday, 7 May 2009

*Lots of swearing*

Havent posted in nearly a month, dont give up hope on me, im still here. Oh crapping bollocks, i hadnt realised that i hadnt posted for THIS long.

This is pretty bad.


Uni is taking a toll and therefore i havent even thought about my blog until about an hour ago and when i started commenting on blogs i read - which is about 3, and i just commented on 2, yeah, i cant be bothered with some blogs anymore, they get so many readers and then they go all *blech* and change their style, this is like a mini bitch but its not on purpose, the blogs i stick to these days are still themselves and yeah, thats why i still read them. Its like a compliment that sounds like im sucking up to certains blogs, ok stop talking now.

Fashion is making me all bi-polar with how i feel about it. In a way im just trying to avoid it if i can, when in uni all im thinking about it fashion and how to make/design/create stupid things!!!

Personally, although i do it, i feel weird posting pictures that arent mine to fill a blog/apologise for lack of posting/breaking promises, but in the next/upcoming posts - WHEN i actually post them, i have work to actually show, i have to submit my portfolio for the whole year on monday and im planning to do quite a lot of illustration type work so i'll get to show it off here, and maybe update my incredibly-worse-than-blogger-blog-deviantArt profile. There is so much to do, so little time.

Today i went to a gig, yeah, i went on the WRONG day, its tomorrow. What a freaking twat.

I need to stop going on facebook so much, that is a big reason why im not on blogger, ever since facebook chat, its so distracting.

This picture makes me happy. Im mainly posting for that little ginger kid you see right in the middle. Dont question WHY, but ive developed a little love for the kid, even though i swear he's like 16 or so. Not sure who Pable is, but you see on the right, Tom, yep, same Tom as this guy. Arthur is from here. Its pretty hilarious from the video ive seen on youtube, and it has the other little kid from Son of Rambow - Will Poulter - if i could, and i will, im going to adopt him as my son.

Ok right, its 2:44am, regardless what the time blogger says, im off, I in theory, should be sleeping to get to uni early to do some work for said portfolio, im sure i can fill in a post there.

Fingers crossed.

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