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Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Lula Issue#7

I think i've gushed about Lula somewhere in this blog before.

For those who dont know, Lula is just this really pretty wonderful magazine, bi-annual, but worth ever penny. Low in advertising, but high in originality. This issue is fairly different from the last as the colours are much darker - and a lot of black involved, but thats perhaps because its the A/W copy.

The latest copy, weirdly, had two covers. At first when my friend showed me in the shop, we got extremely confused about it, but both ended up getting the same cover:

As i dont own a scanner, i have to rely on the internet to find (good quality) scanned images, and i got these from the facebook LULA group - if you look through all the uploaded photos on that group, you'll find MY version of a photo they had in issue #6, dunno, thought i'd tell you :)

Seriously, Lula is REALLY worth it, especially if you're into the arty/dreamy/fashion photo styling. I got my copy from Borders.

Last bit, regardless of what time it said i posted this, its actually about 2hours later because i went late-late-night food shopping with the parents, and uh... you know, we paid for it, me and my dad walking out to put bags into the back of the car, and well, just as we were coming out, i usually run with the trolley and then 'fly' my way to the car, i FELL. Oh man, i dont know what happened but right near the car the trolley rolled, causing me to roll. My knee still stings a tiny bit. I must've scared the crap out of my dad but all i was thinking was 'this is embarrasing/shit, get the bags into the car before my mum sees this and goes ape shit/i hope i get into trouble/man, that was pretty jokes'. I was deprived of that falling of my bike and hurting myself stuff. Now i need to fish out my old skateboard out and give it another go, i didnt react as badly as i thought i would in a flying-off-somewhere-to-the-ground type situation...

Thank you for the Happy Birthday stuff, my birthday SUCKED although my friend got me this really cool Owl necklace pendant, i just need the chain, i'll take a picture of it soon :)

Seriously though, Lula is worth buying!!!!!!


Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

oh dear, sorry your birthday sucked..i always hate my own birthday anyway...i dont know why, i always have.
anyway!! i can't wait to see your necklace!! lula always looks like a wonderful magazine.

Sugar Pop said...

wow, those magazine shots are great. Maybe I'll buy one!!

yiqin; said...

I also heard that because it is very thick, it is very worth it?!!? It is so hard to find it in Singapore! I have to find it somehow.

IRIS and PIETER said...

WOW i want lula!
never heard about it.
i think they don't sell it in my country. a that's a bummer!
i really love picture three.

victoria :] said...

hey. i recently discovered Lula online, but issues arent always updated online. where can you get the magazines, because i dont think they're in borders. or are they?

please help. also check out my fashion blog

rather-robyn said...

Ooooh Lula!!! I NEED this magazine/book/bible!My results were ok thanks, considering my half-arsed approach to revision. I got A*s in English Lang&Lit which was what i was most worried about!

Dapper Kid said...

Oh noes sorry your birthday sucked! Annnd holy smokes the Lula photos are amazing!

Emily Wong said...

I love the first outfit, it's adorable.