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Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Avoiding work.

That's what i'm doing.

This is the last post of today I promise.

I may have an apple. Then do some work.

But like a loser that I am, I was sitting on my loser arrrse and was reading Picked Pics, going through her older/past blogs - the loser thing that I was going through older posts rather than cooling her the loser - she was tagged into writing seven things random or whatever about herself. And because I'm putting off work this was a good idea.

  1. As my profile states, I am chinese, I have read quite a few asian blogger's blogs and do to, know how it feels to be stared at or asked 'are you chinese or japanese'. My parents are both chinese and from Hong Kong. People often will say if my parents were from 'China', nooo i'm from Hong Kong. Maybe it's ignorance? But to me, Hong Kong isn't a part of China, so no, my parent's are not from China. Hong Kong can kinda count as it's own country and that is how I and have always seen it. In a way, it would be like asking is Canada a part of the US. And as far as I'm aware of, or have checked via google, it is not.
  2. I'm left-handed. Lefties. Ah lefties. 'Smarter', 'More creative'. But. 'Die earlier'. I think are more stressed? Or have I just made that up. But yeah, us LEFTIES, apparently are first to die compared to righties due to us not being able to function the right-handed utilities and therefore die first. That's patheitic. Well to me, in my case, it is. If I couldn't 'function' right-handed stuff and had to either do so or die, i'd fucking learn! I'd fucking adapt. It's fucking evolution indeed. Not quite survival of the fittest, but i'm sure not going to die for not being able to work a right-handed pair of can-openers or something. At least without a 'try'.
  3. The last 5 movies I watched in a cinema were - I havent watched a lot of movies in cinemas so theses may date back a while: (in order, lastest or later) Juno, Superbad, Rush Hour 3, Harry Potter 5 (yup, ages ago) and.... god knows.... my memory is so bad..
  4. 5 weird mini crushes, maybe someone can analyse them: Seth Rogan (Superbad, Knocked Up), Keith Murray (We Are Scientists lead singer), Michael Cera (Superbad, Juno), Daniel Kessler (Interpol), Ben from Reaper maybe the Sam buy too.... just small little wee crushes. They just make we want to hug them. Ok, maybe the last two aren't so weird but i'm not very good with on-the-spot kinda questions. Ok, and Paul Bettany. Was having a conversation with my friend today about him, she doesn't like him and I think he is very cute in A Knight's Tale, regardless of the 'missing' eyebrows.
  5. Hate Goofy. Yes, Goofy the Disney character. Years ago, back in '98? When I first went to France, went to Disneyland. Oooh, the parade! Go up, little ol' 8year old me with my bad hair and fringe, got the courage up to Goofy with my autograph book.. OHMYGOD. Fine, FUCK UP GOOFY!!!!!!!!!! I've never said/written that down EVER until now. But yes, he rejected me! He signed all those stupid bitches' stupidpiecesofpaper/stupidbooks but me? WAVED ME AWAY. Well, he waved like 'no, I can't I must go back,'sorry?'' In my 8 year-old humilation, I felt a wee bit of anger but very upset and sat back down and cried. Twat.
  6. Favourite movies: Almost Famous, Last Kiss and Girl, Interrupted.
  7. I have stalked Keith Allen (very briefly), asked Alex James if he could give my friend a free copy of his autobiography (he said she should go out and buy one!), told Pippa Hayward (Green Wing) that I loved her - though I don't think she really heard, got semi-hugged, well, he put one of his arms around me, by Julian Rhind-Tutt (I have the pictures for proof), giggled in hysterics in front of Glyn from Big Brother 7(?) who asked my two friends 'how to get to Canada Waters', looked back in shock when seeing Matthew from the first Project Catwalk walking down the stairs of Urban Outfitters london with his parents and Gok Wan G.A.Y.

Phew. That's a lot of information that no-one cares of. It's all in good fun.

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