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Thursday, 3 April 2008

Art History

Relax, i'm not really meant to be posting, i'm meant to be writing my Statement of Intent/SOI - one of the last two essays, just for my Final Major Proj. about what I intend to do, hence the name, but earlier today I went through my paper thingy.. what they called... it's where lined paper comes from in packs... like you buy them in a pack together of 80-100 or so, and when you need one you rip/peel one off the glued side edge thing.. but yes, I usually write my notes of Art History on them, I don't usually read them, so just any paper usually will do. But I went over them earlier due to remembering having a 'secret' written conversation on them with a friend during the class. Being sad, and proud of being 'charismatic' - damn right I am folks, I thought some of the things I said, or the conversation were so funny I had to share it with you all.

Have an open mind, these are very random bits, but personally, some good lines.

(This part is just from me, my friend wrote his responses on his sheet....)
- How are your eggs today? (my friend in the weeks prior to this conversation, told me he could.. how you say, make his 'scotch eggs' come out of their case... yeah... it's weird.. not out of their case, but into higher levels, higher than they're usually stay)
- So no party trick? You crappy 'mo
- Brian (the teacher) is on LSD (he wasn't)
- Nooo, it's always the quiet ones. He's a hardcore raver.
- Lets buy some and drop it in his morning coffee.
- It would be soo tempting.

Ok, so now this conversation is with my friend, his resposne will be shown in blue...
- Meg is trying to lez me up. HELP. (I'm not homophobic, she was trying to recruit me to her ways. She's bi... err...)
- you need a tazer!
- I'll leave her twitching on the floor
- then you should kick her a few times, till she dies. JOKING

- really!
- (drawing a face with BIG eyes) yes
- Can you see me ole?
- hole? No... Um.. She's trying to recruit me to the other side.
- maybe you need coke bottle glasses?
- I do
- what do you prefer?
- NO fanny please
- Good Girl
- Good Mo.

- I will stop writing cos Brian will go apeshit when he knows we know about his drug habit. (Brian is retired and in his late 70s I would say? I'm tempted to say 80s but he moves quite normally for an old man... he's not very frail at all.... and i'm pretty sure he doesn't have ANY sort of drug habit/problem)

Yeah, this is one of the random conversations I tend to have on a general day-to-day basis.

*Sigh* I'm off to do my statement now.. Easter is coming up so.. yay? Interviews will be coming up to which SUCKS.

Night night.

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