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Tuesday, 8 April 2008


Sorry about the pervious post, it did kinda get half-arsed towards the end.

I went in college today, got my portfolio reviewed by my tutor Dave. He's happy with what i've put in so far, the order too, but a bit worried about the amount which was my main problem that I don't have a lot of sheets but i'm working on it really. After this blog i'm going do another sheet and maybe if not too late i'll do another, same style as the 'Can't You Hear My Heartbeat' style, painted background with the collage and stencil thingy.

Doing a mini photoshoot with my friend's little sis tomorrow, based on the crappy skirt I did for my last brief - Dave and the fashion tutor asked me about if I were to have any photography, so that will be my contribution of photos, that and two more pages of one with me, my hoodies and Converses - I own 10pairs - the other one with me and drawing on outfits on top of the photo. Try and get 7-8 more pages of stuff before I stop, work on my current project and then interview. Oh, and I need a printer. Shit. My Interview Uni want me to bring along an essay. I have one printed out, but I'm not sure where i've put it. So I have to find it, or redo bits - I got a merit for it, but was told to put more of a personal opinion into it. Hmm, I would do that if I knew I couldn't find the original print out and well, I HAVE to have it printed it even If I have to go London to go to some random internet cafe and print it off. I need to go visit some galleries, including the China Design Now exhibition.

Watching How to Look Good Naked, I love Gok and I saw him in G.A.Y last year on my birthday! Well the morning after, I went to Koko to see Hot Hot Heat (featuring Blondelle and The Thirst, I got their setlist!!!! It was on the floor and the barriers were stopping me from getting it so I was like screaming at the sheet to come to me - I know, but I wasn't drunk I swear - and one of the photographer people was walking around and I asked him if he could pick the sheet up for me, he looked at me with a suspicious look like 'Hmm, what are you up to?' but he got it for me anyway. I didn't know that It would be a setlist, I just wanted it! Oh, I was RIGHT at the front too. Like I was for One Night Only who played Astoria2 earlier in Jan but that's a different story..) And going into G.A.Y for the first time, walking up the stairs and who do I see walking down? GOK!!!!!! Darn, I should've asked for a picture of an autograph but I never know what to do and it's awkward really, plus I'd feel really bad bugging him for a picture. Next time. Next time.

I have a bad photo. Of me and my friend(s) - I no longer talk to one of them, the one of the left. But yes, this is us after we got out of Koko. We look off our faces, but we were beinf rushed to go find G.A.Y so It was a bad quality photo besides us being/feeling very sweaty, dirty and hot. Yes, 1am is quite cold even in august.

Yep. This is me in the middle. I feel like a narrator of somesort. This is me just having completed my first day as a 18 year old. Not quite sure why we're not focusing or why my hair looks like a bob. My friend - the right - she looks off her face - i've got some pictures from Christmas Eve with her. She looks the same too. We only had two drinks each!

This is the latest and a much more flattering picture of us. My friend at least. She is 'normal'. Without that spot of her face which I just noticed.

Well i'm off for today.

Later yo.

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