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Monday, 21 April 2008


Yeep indeedy. Or shall I say, 'Bad. Arse.' Making every letter pro-nounced.

I am skipping college later. I do not intend to go in no indeedy. Why? Because my sketchbook which is due for the monthly end-of-project assessment is empty. Well, not empty, about 3-4double pages, and none are even finished. Why do that to myself and everyone else? Me get a bollocking and the tutors waste their time and give me the referral I know was coming. There is a bit where some of us may get two extra weeks if my main tutor doesn't think we've not done enough - including on the past projects - to carry on to the Final Major Proj. (FMP). But im not sure if that is the referral or the refferal is something entirely different on it's own. I'm too scared to find out later so that's why i'm not going in. Unlike most of you, my parent's work in the evenings, so mornings and part of afternoon is spent sleeping, plus they're chinese, if you are chinese, well im stereotyping this part though I know some parents - including the chinese ones, and it's not always JUST chinese families, that education is just frickin' everything, it comes first. Oh course it should be one of the most important things as a general, but for chinese/asian people - oh come on, you hear about the 5year-old chinese kid in America or somewhere who has just into Oxford, see, it's that bad. Not in my family but you get the gist. So yes, obviously waking up and seeing their daughter playing around on the internet and not being at college, that's not a good thing. I gots to hide. I don't know why i'm jabbering really. But yeah, so i'll probably go to London really, i'm going to go to WAITROSE oh yeah and pick up an application form and then probably go to London. But the thing is, i don't know what to do.

I live in Saarf-East London innit, well i don't actually sound like that, it's more 'souf' because I don't tend to pronouce the 't' sometimes, but anyway, I'm used to London, so i've seen most of it. It gets pretty tiring after a while, but i'm trying to think of places to go to. All I can think of is Fopp and Borders. And maybe the huge Primark. Seeing as i'll be a fashiony student once again in sept - hopefully, if the teacher lady at my interview wasn't lying to me, i'll need to stock up on some plain tees and customize them with my weird ways. There is a tee i have, well two tees, but one 'Peas' has become part of my work uniform so it smells a lot like oil, not a good smell, and the other is 'Pirate', i tend to get compliments from people saying 'oh wow, i like your tshirt' usually mentioning the word 'pirate' and a few ask where i either bought it from or how i made it. Well, i did make it. It's not that fancy but it is fairly original. It's just a plain black tee with 'Pirate' written on in red fabric paint. I'm glad i have nice handwriting. It's one of the very few things about myself that i'm proud of :) oh my artistic ways. Yeah, it all comes back to being an artist.

I currently work part-time for my parents, so i do have a job, but i don't really count it as one as it's for my parents, though my Ma has registered(?) me as working there.... it's not a proper job though. I work if it's busy and i'm needed as we have a part-time girl working there already, but seeing as she's not family, her work is more stable and therefore is there everyweek, busy or not. I'm just on standby, if there is no work, no money and therefore me moaning. This is why i need a proper job, to get some proper money because the most I tend to work on a busy weekend is £35 if im lucky and i don't remember doing that much, not if there is the other girl. £20-25 is lucky enough. But this weekend i got about £25 which is nice. That'll probably buy me a few tees and a few cheap books and dvds...

I don't see the point of today's post, my left arm feels really weird, it's been like this since earlier, it's like it's aching or really cold... Can't wait until April is over, then i'll be off doing my FMP, i'll know if i got into Uni or not and if so, with what condition to get in. Also, hopefully i'll be with a proper job too, part-time though, but i've heard the bonuses are really great which is why i mainly want to work there and not any other place. I haven't really looked wherelse, just a small part-time work that pays ok will do.

My local Zavvi does some cool cheap-ish books, just random books for like cheap prices, like Fopp. I bought the Tim Burton's 'The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy' for like £3! It was good because i bought it as part of research stuff for my Tim Burton based project.. the one leading me to my downfall. Yet the teacher at the Uni liked that i was inspired by him. So yeah, there is always some bargain somewhere round the corner, in the most unexpected place. I'm babbling here so much.


I looked at the newsagent that i bought my first copy from on friday and it didn't have the new copy..

Yeah, the photo looks fairly TINY. But yeah, thats one of the two covers of the new NYLON. The other cover has the girl playing Blair Leighton Meester. I don't think i saw NYLON when i went to Borders on thursday, but then it was hard to concentrate when lugging a friggin A1 folder around. For those who don't know the A1, it's like.... 8? A4 pieces of paper. Around that, and then make yourself about 5''3, with a shoulder-bag weighing around half a stone i'd say, or a third, about 5lbs i thinks, i havent actually weighed it and the A1 portfolio about 12lbs - i just weighed it, and you've been up since 8:30 that morning, you've been carrying that portfolio as well as the side shoulder bag thats digging into your neck/shoulder in just past rush hour 5pm-6pm, and no, you're not going straight home, you got lost getting to the train station after getting out of the uni, waste 40mins, 40mins on the tube, then about 15mins on about little detour to Oxford Street and walk along up the road to Borders, and walk to the back of the shop to the magazine section. But yeah, i didn't see it and on friday making a special trip to see if the mag was in the newsagents, nothing. Or did I check on saturday? I can't remember.

I know, i really don't know what's with me these days, my posts have gone really bad, and ranty and half-arsed. Darn. I'm sorry, i'm fairly stressed and there's so much going on but i don't want to neglect this blog. Not good.

Quick sum-up or general stuff that i've been ____ to:

Song: the MGMT song 'Time to Pretend', i want to get their album
Book: trying to get into 'The Portrait of Dorian Grey'
Film: the last one i watched was at my friend's, Lords of Dogtown, it's really good. Emile Hirsch looks so cute, but in other films, not to much for some reason...

The film which was out 2005 features the late and beautiful Heath Ledger, Emile Hirsch, Nikki Reed as well some other cool people. I know, lame, i don't really know the names, but the story is based on the real Lords of Dogtown guys, Dogtown and Z-boys is the film. The real guys who the characters are based on i think they, most of them at least, make a small apparence which is cool. But yeah, it's a really cool movie, mainly about skateboarding really. When i get a proper job, i'll buy a skateboard and learn to skate. I bought one aages ago, back when i was 13 i think, but it was a crap skateboard and none of my friends were into that stuff back then. But i think i inspired one of my friends to buy one, she learned to skate, which later influenced my other friend a lot - they became bffs, long story, but yeah, little circle thing beginning with me and the skateboard and then the other friend finding this film.. well i'd heard of it, but didn't really think much of it, mainly due to not having much internet access with a credit card for online shopping, only since me having money to buy crap online has my mini dreams been fulfilled and my random-ness... being able to fulfill it's weirdness and watch the movies i longed to that i didn't get to watch in cinemas.

That reminds me, Son of Rambow and Funny Games.

Extremely late, must shower and stuff, and read. Will try blog a more readable post next time.

Night yo.

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