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Sunday, 6 April 2008

Just more random stuff

It's sunday and I should be working on my portfolio, but at this moment i'm not, i WAS trying to sort out my wireless and stuff.. but grr, i was never into computer stuff so I'm going to leave it until later. Too much to stress about.

So I didn't go London yesterday, ended up staying in town, didn't really buy anything, was mainly looking for the new i-D (which I found out comes out on the 10th earlier). I ended up going back home with a the April edition of TeenVogue - which i thought was the May issue, a bag from Primark (my first bag from Primmy, I've usually bought most of my bags from Topshop), a (cool) empty cup thingy and mug from Starbucks

I've always wanted a leather-esque bag so that I could wear the leather in, the colour is quite weird, slightly lighter than the one in the photo, so it's not yellow, it's 'ecru' or something like that. I was planning to take the handles off and leave the strap, but when I took it home it looked quite alright. Must be the Primark environment, putting me off. It was so busy! It's always busy in Primark though. It's NEVER not busy. Mad.

On the left is my tall Caramel Frappaccino and the mug on the right is my friend's tall Hot Choc. in my mug in which she took for me :)

I know, i know, theft is wrong, but it wasn't theft. And i go to Starbucks enough for them to not give a shit and earn plenty enough money to order thousands more of those cups.

It snowed today!!!!!!! I was sad enough to go out and take some pictures. The snow didn't settle on the ground properly, but it did on everything else. Here is my garden in all it's glory:

Aaah, so pretty.

Yeah, this post is pretty random.

Something I want to know, going to the cinema alone. Is that weird? I would go to my local one but it's weird because then i'll have to walk past these people everyday. I'm considering London, but my friend went there the other week and said she had to pay £10. Errr, i;m cheap. I don't want to pay that much. I only want to go see Son Of Rambow.... but another friend of mine said it was ok and that he'd done it plenty of times... so yeah.. i'm really considering it. Just after my interview and assessment.

Another film I'm going to see, when i'm not totally sure but I know i'm going to, is Funny Games. I've already read what the film is about on wikipedia, and just now I watched the trailer. So good. But it does make me worry about stupid people copying the film and then there will be the big controversy of some wanker being stupid enough to go round kill/toturing people in ways he watched in a film and then the film gets in trouble because of it. Just like songs, music getting into trouble because some twat actually goes and copies what someone has sung about. It's only a song.

Fairly hungry, haven't eaten properly today, will rustle up a caeser salad thing with toast and eggs. Mmm. Yummy.

I plan to do about 4-5 A1 sheets tonight.

I took a picture of the 'concoction' I made. Tasted good. I'll post the picture tomorrow. I'm now watching Jarhead. Why is he hitting Jakey?!?!?! This hurts my heart.

Darn my ways of writing.

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