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Thursday, 17 April 2008

Interview 2

And so I had my interview today. They looked at your portfolio first and if they didn't like it, then no interview. It was my first choice uni too.

I got my interview. And i got a place too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's not official, UCAS haven't said anything yet and they'll - UCAS - will send me a letter confirming my result, but on the sheet that the tutor had my photo - for office use etc - and on the bottom, before i left, she had written 'YES'. I saw her write it too. She offered me a place. So i wouldn't say yes to my second choice who i didn't really want to go to anyway. They're going to phone me too apparently. But i'm so fucking chuffed!!!!! I won't go into detail about the interview because it's long and it will bore you. Plus carrying that A1 folder around to the Uni and into central London where I bought the latest issue of WAD, the website doesn't have the issue that i do, it says it's a bi-annual mag but the one i have is quarterly and is the mars-avril-mai issue (March-April-May to yous who don't know their french months).

Like usual, i haven't read it yet but do plan to soon. I bought NYLON, well I have the April issue with Anja Rubik, Chloe Sevigny and Clemence Posey.

The uploading on blogger is currently not working so for now i cannot show you how the new WAD mag looks like unless you actually go out and purchase it.

My arms still ache and the finger palms(???!!! - i know this is NOT the right technical term) STILL have some redness and are very sore. They are partly still visibly red even when stretching the fingers out. I hope to never have to carry a portfolio again. Without gloves or something. Why will i never learn?

I'm so hungry. I feel bad for eating so late but i also feel bad if i dont eat. I'm not a slim girl nor am i big big. Big? Im not sure... From the back maybe-ish but from the front i dont think i do.. but it's a personal opinion, but ive only had two glasses of orange juice, two bits of gum and.... a muffin. That is what i've had to eat since yesterday.... Oooh, over 24hours really. I do not condone starving thy self in any way because it's just not good at all. It is 10:50 as i type and in 10mins i'll decide to eat something. Perhaps some toast but i cant be bothered due to very very very achey arms. Have some fruit or yoghurt too.

I want the new NYLON, it has the two girls from Gossip Girl, Leighton Meester and Blake Lively... I think that is how you spell the names, i'm spelling it from off the top of my head. It costs £4.95 or something but it's worth it in the long run i guess. Treat myself for the interview thing. I worked. Not my arse off, but i worked.

I'm going to stop moaning about my arms and decide what to have for my late breakfast/lunch dinner thing.

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