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Monday, 7 April 2008


Because i'm sad, and have no readers - I need people to read my blog, I don't know why but it's a loser thing, but I do have a comment! Thanks gemfatale :) my first and last comment.

Anyway, I ramble a lot as you can tell, but reading through cheapskatechic is was unofficially tagged. Yay.

So here are my things o list:

- 8 things I am passsionate about:
1. Art
2. Music
3. Fashion
4. Family and friends
5. Reading
6. Tv/films
7. Sleeping
8. Doodling

- 8 things I want to do before I die:
1. Go to Italy - I was meant to go this year but I the friend i was going with now can't make it due to have taken all her holidays for the year. Grrrrrrrr. Maybe next year eh?
2. This doesn't include that 'have kids and get married' kinda thing... purely selfish needs? Ok, second thing, be comfortable in my body. I don't care really, I just need to be slim then i'm happy.
3. Get really off my face. I havent yet and need to.
4. Full weekend at Reading Festival.
5. Have a cool CV. Which means interviews. Darn.
6. To work for or own my own cool successful fashion/art magazine.
7. Own a Chanel quilted bag. My mum owns one. She won't give it to me.
8. To get recognition for my work.

- 8 things I say often:
1. Um/Uh
2. Err
3. Fuck - I tend to swear a lot, especially in real life. I try to keep it PG on this blog.
4. Oh My God.
5. Yo
6. Sup
7. Grrr
8. Ok...

- 8 Books I have read lately:
(Don't judge me on my list of books)
1. Hollywood Girls Club
2. Dead Sexy
3. Tall, Dark and Dead - book 2+3 are in the same trilogy kinda thing
4. Jane Austen Book Club
5. Juno scriptbook
6. Luuurve Is A Many Trousered Thing
7. The Virgin Suicides (is next on my list)
8. Princess Diaries - To The Nines (also next, I LOVE the books and the first film, even though I have it, the second one was crap!)

- 8 songs I can listen over and over:
1. Ghouls - We Are Scientists
2. Return to Energizer - Enter Shikari
3. All I Want Is You - Barry Louis Pollisar
4. Nude - Radiohead
5. Cassius - Foals
6. My Blue Heaven - Taking Back Sunday
7. Boys In The Band - The Libertines
8. .. I don't know yet...

- 8 things that attract me to my best friends:
1. Their funny-ness
2. Random-ness
3. To let me in their house and chill
4. Free lifts
5. The bitching that we share together

I honestly can't name 8, err... They're just cool. Most of them. And I don't do the best friends thing anymore.. I know, bummer and what crap life I must have. The tv show I'm watching is actually really bumming me out! hang on...

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