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Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Oooh yay.

My brother arrived back from America yesterday.

I didn't get to see We Are Scientists :( and i missed my chance to watch an 'intimate' gig with Elbow. My hopes were up for W.A.S. But it seems Elbow were to play. Me and my friend were waiting for about 30mins then we decided to go and get her train home. We're not really fans of Elbow, well, im ok with them, she's not so much at all. I was kinda eventually hoping to watch Elbow, but you know, my friend wanted to go home more than watch the gig. She didnt even want to sit at the front either! I stupidly didnt take a photo of the stage. It was like... 5 rows of seats. She wanted the back, i wanted front row, so we sat at second. But we soon left though.

It's hard to find gig buddies really. Most of my friends from where i live - my college friends, they dont live within the London area unlike me so I dont tend to ask them to come out to London/gigs with me because i know it costs quite a lot for them to get there - dont share the same same music tastes as me, or the one who is usually willing to go, three gigs i've been with her, two of them was just the two of us, and the both two she semi-fainted. Well, the first New Young Pony Club - we were right at the front, and had just met Alex James of Blur at some book signing at Waterstones, and i turn to look at her, and she's sitting on the floor not looking well, so we left after about 4 songs, i couldn't leave her on her own on the floor! And the second time, One Night Only at Astoria 2, again we were at the front, she was leaning her head against the rail bar thing. I didn't want to leave the front, but she was ok and went to get a drink and never came back. I ended up finding her at the side of the room where we were earlier before the gig started. It wasn't like i didnt want to look for her, i didnt want to lose my place and i did keep looking round to watch out for her re-arrival. But she's fine. I'm starting to consider whether to go to gigs on my own now... the main ones i go are like instore gigs or small gigs so it's not too bad...

Anyway. Yes my brother came back. From San Fran. He spent most of the school year in Uni. Miami, but finished his exams and still had time to travel so he went Las V. and then San Fran. In San Fran, i emailed, well, facebooked, him, asking if he could find me some polaroids and told him what type and prices to look for, cos UK, is SOOOO expensive, and polaroids are a friggin.. stupidly priced things. But he got me my 4 packs that i asked for. And they are much cheaper than UK. I mainly asked for him to try find and then buy me some from the US is because it seems that America seems to easier access to finding and buying them rather than in the UK, or for me at least, were yesterday i searched SIX different Boots stores, well, actually it turnt out to be 8, and in ONE store did i find any sort of instant polaroid pack. That and a Jessops, but they were awaiting stock that had still yet to arrive.

Hmm.. i know a friend who is going to America in like.. July? I'll ask her if she can get me some from there too... i need to stock up lots and quick. As much as possible. I refuse to do ebay. That is so bad. I've looked around, not ebay, but on online shops. I saw one store selling 40films for like £60. Yes. It's that bad. So in dollars.. that's like... roughly, $90? Stupid price really.

Hopefully later i'll be going to my friend's house for a wee while, she has work at 6, and i plan to get there around 4:30? I'll spend like an hour there.. i just want to take a few polaroids!

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