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Monday, 19 May 2008

Dizzy Dizzy

I've decided not to buy cakes now. I shall now spend that money on polaroids (hopefully) and around in the sales.

I'm feeling strangely dizzy. Its really weird why im feeling this way as it wasn't a hot day or anything and i do prefer the cold..

Im currrently reading Dangerous Liasons - its kinda hard to follow especially when Enter Shikari is blaring in my head via my ipod and In The Miso Soup. That one is a weird one and is kinda slightly freaking me out. So far, what i've read, it's about some japanese dude who's paid to show tourists around mainly in the Japanese version of Red-Light-District. The guy - Kenji - is showing around some american dude called Frank. Frank is a weird one, he's telling lies about some of his personal life, even in times when there's no reason to lie.. and he's just really kinda weird... it's a good book though, regardless of the creepyness.

Oh man, i really did want to post something today but i am not feeling stable, so yeah, London tomorrow. Yay. Bunking college indeedy.

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justhatkid said...

lol not really, i need it explained like a 3rd grader would need it >.<

i dont know how to make the area of the square so i know how much one squares are in the one line of the big sqaure hah