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Sunday, 4 May 2008

Art based

Wasn't planning to post today without the photos of the Art Picnic coming up on wednesday, but i was just itching to post. On friday i found out about the Cans Festival not going to bother explaining the event, but for those who bothered to click the link/heard of it/went to it will see what it's all about. I went to it the first day it opened, took me a while to find due it being semi hidden - I went into a big circle trying to find the place. But i eventually found it after some help from the lovely people at the National Theatre Museum and then the cool reception girl at the BFI (British Film Institute) - yes i am that useless, i only remembered the address of it being 3minutes walk from the London Eye - well, more about 5? and the nearest stop being Waterloo.

Here are some of the pictures i took!

And cos you was kinda encouraged to graffiti along in semi designated areas - and i was LOADS of people with MASSIVE stencil and shizz, and i had previously used spray painting stuff in my work, i joined in a bit!!!!

The pic above is my contribution. I found that it's going to cost me money to trademark 'Sex, Drugs and Juliet'(insert copywrite/trademark symbol here) which sucks as i would've liked to see that it gets back to, i.e like my 'tag' or something, but i would only 'tag' this in a stencil way..

This one, say's 'Trent - PITNB', i took a pic of the stencil as the pink spray in general was fairly runny and eventually didn't make sense on the final outcome so i took a pic of it basically so you knew what it was meant to say. Also, PITNB is http://www.pinkisthenewblog.com/, i LOVE this site, and i'm on it! Well, my contribution part thing is, click here to see!

The yaht bag (Topshop shopper), stencils and spray paints are mine, the bottom left stuff are not. So yeah, this is partially a mini insight into how i work! So proud :)

I easily spent around 2hours inside there, including the stencilling which took me around 15mins. It was SOOO good. I would go again tomorrow, to see it all end and see how the graffiti got and if anyone WENT OVER MY WORK, which you're not meant to, but alas, i am low on money and i have so many things to buy, mainly illustration books. Will have to spend roughly £80 and then about £43 on polaroids... and then i have my little Art Picnic. Oh dear.

Oh, and when i finished there, i popped over to Urban Outfitters and bought the Crayola Flask i mentioned in the previous post. Yellow one. So good.

I so need to get the job. I gave in my CV on friday and am now going to have to wait. My CV was crap though and will probably try and tweek it a bit and keep looking for other places hiring.

Wish me luck.

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