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Saturday, 24 May 2008

In need of a scanner.

There are a few things i want to say, well two mainly, and here is the second which i'll put first.

I have a link on my Favourites list about an artist called 'Rinko Kawauchi'. And i cant seem to figure out why. Doesnt help that i cant copy+paste things straight into here otherwise i would have put the link i have... weird.

I need a scanner. Its hard to not have one because it'll be much easier to scan things rather than take a picture of the item. Especially if its something like an article or a photo...

Well i'll say it now and then take a picture later or something....

It know its probably not that hard to take a photo and then upload it, but seeing as it takes about at least 10minutes to upload my camera and many other factors really. Too long and confusing to explain. But im going to try and get a new laptop for my birthday this year... hopefully.

So anyway, the second thing, the important thing i wanted to share today,

Like YA HUH. I this, well i got two inivitations, in the post today. I didnt expect this at all. I was suprised that i actually got post, and then it said who i was from and then i was hoping it was detials about enrollment - talk about early and i havent even actually passed my current course yet, then i opened it and saw how thin the pack was, then it was like oh, probably something about their Open Day or something crap and formal. But no, it was a Private View invitation!!!!

Yeeeeeeeees! Going to try and get there semi early so i can be near the front for the Fashion Show. Maybe there will be freebies? Like a real designer fashion show... wow..

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