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Sunday, 18 May 2008


They look so fucking good.
(This is food post no#2)

I stumbled upon this blog Cupcakes Take The Cake. Just wonderful.

I should be going to London tueday for a We Are Scientists gig... I migiht pop along to one of these shops.... I was thinking of buying A cupcake and giving it to my friend as a early birthday present, the 'early' is because 1. Her birthday is on saturday, so therefore 2. I don't think that cupcake will last long enough to still be a tasty treat/present if i make it wait 4days!!! But then also, another factor, would it surivive the gig? Because i shan't be going home between the London and gig and i can't be bothered to buy another travelcard just to buy the wee cake and come back to suprise her with it. Though i just might... not that we're doing anything together for her birthday, i'm just that kinda friend.

And her birthday is like 3 months before mine. Woah. I'm 20 in like 1 year 3 months and 6 days? Roughly that. It's so weird. It's always weird. Soon it will be my last year of being a teenager and then i'll have to be slightly more mature and shizz. Shame i'll never look older than like... 14-15.

Ok, i'm off to do some work i was meant to be doing this weekend. But i spent a lot of time on the internet and did fuck all. Oops.

Need to add some stuffffff on my deviantART thing. Soon.



justhatkid said...

why not just buy that cup cake for yourself and buy (or make) the cupcake for her the day befor her bday. and noo i didnt exsperance anything like that yet. i hope not anytime soon. my mind was just wondering

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

that first image of that cake looks soooo yummy!!
what shop in london are you going to purchase a cupcake from?