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Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Just to get this rolling..

It's not easy wanting to blog, but having nothing to actually blog.

Well, there are millions of possibilities of subjects to blog, but I want to actually not make people want to die/fall asleep.

I'll post random listy posts until it gets back again. I miss blogging properly.

This is stolen from (Ice Cube Confidential - an old post, but fun post.)

List 6 unimportant things that make you happy:

1. Stationary
I sure do love it. Especially when its back to school

time or anytime you get those ideas that involves having to 'plan' thigs. 'Plans' mean writing down in lists on nice clean notebooks/paperpads. Pens. Oh. Love them. I prefer the fine liner type, 0.5mm. It's a good thin line, but not too thin or thick that everything looks messy and massive.

2. Food Porn.
It is especially enjoyed by those who like food. Food eaters and food voyeurs. My main two favorite blogs are The Girl Who Ate Everything and Serious Eats. One is a self run food writer/blogger who works for Serious Eats, the
other is Serious Eats and just amazing. It doesn't help having posts like these or
these (NAFV/V - Not appetizing for Vegetarians/Vegans). Yes, not all posts are from writers of S.E, they do do posts that are outside of S.E-land, but I love it all the same
. Its a shame i'm not a native of NY (Where Robyn of T.G.W.A.E is based, or even the US) because the things like the burger
s look sooo good.

3. Hollywood Jews.
Mainly these two guys, Seth Rogen and Andy Samberg. Funny and adorably cute. If I could have chosen to be brought up in a religion, it would be a flip between Buddhism and Judaism. Happy New Year my lovely Jews!

4. References to Jack and Karen, Will and Grace.
I aspire to be Karen. Pill popping alcoholic. With a Jack to my side, I'd be unbeatable. And totally fabulous.

And rumors, but rumors, nonetheless, that there may be a SPINOFF show with the two of them?!?!? Rumors and nothing official, I hope this is true. If so, it really should be debuting soon, like this autumn/fall.

I love them. Yes yes yes.

5. Alcohol.
I don't drink often, only when i'm out at parties or at clubs. I was lucky to not be brought around drink - my parents barely drink - so i've brought up used to not drinking, which has been a great positive. It means I can go out and not drink, I don't have to have one. But because I don't tend to, I like to when I can. I don't go too far though. Good to know i'm a good semi-drunk.

Drink of choice? A simple Vodka and coke. Or simple blue cocktails. Why the blue? Because it's blue. I don't like wine/beer or cider. Vodka based stuff is fine by me.

6. Harry Potter and Twilight.
Honest to blog, I do hear about the two being compared and it does bug me a little. The two are totally different. Although both based on books first before being made into films two 2+ directors, and both involving the supernatural of some kind.

One was well written with decent explanation for loopholes, and the other, one so great and crap explanations for the loopholes. But I do love both.

Although I prefer Robert to Taylor, i'm more of a Team Jacob.

Oh, and if anyone is into FanFic, let me know! Especially if you're a ff writer too!

- Oh, it seems I may have done something of this type of list before. Well, it'll be nice to see what things have changed since then!


Girl With The Golden Touch said...

I love Seth R!

That food picture has made me sooo hungry!

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Following u on Twitter btw - Carlito86