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Friday, 16 October 2009

Diana Mini

I ordered it in a late night/early morning trying to avoid work thing.

I've wanted a Diana for ages. For at least a year, but I've always been put off because of the price, and that they use 120mm film. Soon afterwards, there was a wonderful thing called the '35mm back', which is what it says, a back of the camera for 35mm film which you use for the Diana so it takes that instead of having to use only 120mm. That meant more money, so for a while. I asked around friends if they wanted to split the price of delivery. Sadly, all being students, money is shit and when it all comes down to when and if we have enough to spare for something that's not exactly important.

I gave up the idea of having one for a while, and then on sunday night, I took another look on the lomography shop site and found the Diana Mini.
I don't really know the differences between this and the normal sized one, only that it takes 35mm film and not 120mm, that if there are any.

I'm really excited at the idea of square shots or having half and half on one 'shot'. That's either 72 half shots or 36 normal square ones on a roll of film. Then there is the long exposure thing - I want to try out the long exposure and 'drawing' in the air with glo-sticks/sparklers. And of course, the dreamy/exaggerated colours you as a a result. It'll be my somewhat replacement for the Polaroids. Until they get back into production that is. Save Polaroid.

I will shed a little tear when I finish my last stacks of Polaroid. I'm selling of two double packs and then i'll have about 40-50 left. I read somewhere that they should keep up to a year after their expiry date. That was in september. Starting to get a little worried that they might not last until my 21st and New York. Though it would save luggage weight not bringing the Polaroid cam.

Diana Mini picture from here.

That image makes me want to go Paris. Definitely want to go traveling. My parents are going to Hong Kong for two weeks next month while I suffer at uni :( I'm going to try and go somewhere up north for a day, maybe Brighton? But thats not north and i've been there before. Ooh, I could go Scotland! For the day.... Not really worth it.

When I finish a roll of film, i'll be sure to post some up on here and my other blog :)

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Dinah said...

AHH! thank you thank you! I have been wanting a Diana F+ or a Holga but they were stupid expensive and the 120mm film would drain my funds. THIS IS PERFECT.