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Sunday, 18 October 2009


I like them. I have a pendant of one that my friend gave me for my birthday last year. No chain though. I'm kinda still on the look out for a real proper chain, but I don't really know WHERE to find one. A thin chain, cheap one. I'll find it eventually.

Inspired by this jumper: (I couldn't get a decent sized photo so I had to screen paste/dump my screen of the image, but stupid shortcut controls kinda zoomed on it while I was doing said action.)

It zoomed a little, it looked more 'zoomed'. Don't judge me by the mini shortcuts I have on my laptop. I'm going to call it either Beatrice, or Arthur. I like the 'old' names.

It's an long jumper with a dodgy drawn cat. Lovely in real life. But £45 for a jumper? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME TOPSHOP?! Even with student discount of 10%, it's still amazing expensive.

So, to save money, i'm making my own version. With an owl. And i'm going to embroider the thing. I can hand embroider quite well, but i've never done anything bigger than lettering. Like this size maybe, this size I think. I don't know how big it will look when I publish the post, but hopefully the text will look huge. Perhaps 2-3 finger height, but text, so I didnt really embroider very big. And i'll be embroidering an owl. But it would take a LOT of embroidery thread, and quite awkward to do so. Maybe i'll only embroider the outline and machine stitch the inside? These types of planning thoughts, they are what goes on in my head every single day. Making random stuff in random ways.

Maybe I could get some slightly thick material, like maybe fuzzy felt, and appliqué it on?

It's also going to be finding the right shape of jumper. As you've established, i'm doing it on the cheap. I don't want to go to the cheapest shop for clothes known to man in the UK, also known as Primark, so i'll settle for second cheapest, Peacock, and get a man's jumper.

(I might get two and make a second jumper with my OWN dodgy cat. SUCK IT, SIR PHILIP GREEN. Maybe when I make my disaster of a jumper, he'll see it and offer me work experience? I do need a months experience in january.... *winkwinknudgenudge*)

But the trouble with men's jumpers are that they are not usually very long, and when they are, i.e XXXXXL, they are just as wide. Not good. But women's are fitted fits, and I was baggy and LONG.

Here are some cute owls for inspiration.

I also got the bag in this post :)

I found the image somewhere here. Blogger won't let me upload anymore because of some 'internal error', but thats what it did when I tried to upload this one the first time... but you get the idea. Owl on jumper. Very cute. Potentially. In theory.

Don't think i'm obsessed, i've seen it. In my friend's mum's house. She has owl ornaments, pictures, a stained glass window with one, plates.

Managed to get another image in :)

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