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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

My sense of time is lacking.

I thought I had posted something recently. That was 10 days ago.

I still haven't done anything that I planned to
do. Its so bad that I didn't even go into uni today. I'm sitting in a Starbucks, using their free wi-fi - technically not free as you have to register a Starbucks card with them, having topped up at least £5 before said registering. But i'm a well recognized customer at 'local' 'Bucks so its fine. I deserve the 'free' wi-fi. I've spent many hours and hard earned pounds there.

The more time I spend outside of my house, the more i'm starting to dislike tourists. I think it's just the dislike of having so many people around me. I saw recording a video on the corner of Tottenham Court Road station. Why, Mr Man, why? I just find it incredibly strange. Especially the concept of them filling Primark up. No matte
r what time it is, that place is filled. Primarily with tourists. I know London is expensive, but come on. You stock up on places like Topshop and/or H&M. Clothes that will last more than once and you won't get at home. You don't buy your cheap basic everyday clothes on holiday, that's just crazy.

'An Education' is coming out on friday :D

I'm so excited for this film to come out.

This is another part of the unregular postings from me, where I mention and question whether i've mentioned a certain something before. I may or may not have mentioned the film and how I watched a trailer for it when I was waiting to watch 500 Days of Summer..

Peter's accent in the film... ah. He does a pretty decent english accent. And he looks scarily young too. Not that he's old.. (later edit - Ok, he doesn't look scarily young, but look at the film poster and tell me he doesnt look YOUNG there! Oh jesus. Photoshopped much?)

I'm trying to mentally memorize how many, and what films I've seen at the cinemas this year... So don't mind me while I list them here... (I'm trying to list them in order, but it's not working...)
  1. Revolutionary Road,
  2. Twilight (for the 2nd time, and it was hilarious),
  3. Coraline,
  4. 500 Days of Summer,
  5. Marley and Me,
  6. He's Just Not That Into You,
  7. Confessions of a Shopaholic,
  8. Harry Potter (twice),
  9. How to Be (I watched about 20minutes of it, but the audio to the filmed screwed up),
  10. Wendy and Lucy,
  11. Rachel getting Married,
  12. Little Ashes
It's not overly much considering it is within a 9month period. I had planned to see a lot more of them, but I never did. Compared to last year, it's like a 1000% increase, I saw 3-4 films in 2008, and that was quite a lot. Usually, on average, its about twice. I tend to watch them online or wait for the DVD to be released.


Girl With The Golden Touch said...

I tagged you on my blog hon (Its scheduled to post tomorrow afternoon so don't check yet lol)

I love Jackson Rathbone! And those films you posted are good! I can't wait to see An Education.

Carla xxx

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

hey sorry about the late reply!!!
ah i got my adventureland poster from my lovely friend who worked in a cinema at the time.
i really want a 500 days of summer one too!!! :)
hope your uni work is going well!! :)
yes an education, looks amazing! i cannot wait!