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Monday, 16 June 2008


(Insert song by Green Day yourself because i cant remember the lyrics)

Just to say that i probs wont be updating my blog until at least friday night. My project, oh god, its due in friday 3pm and my dolls that im making are not going well, i plan to make about 20odd by tonight - my tutor (and most of the people who know im making dolls, just raggy cloth dolls, nothing special) keep asking me how they're coming along. To my friends i tell the truth - the progress is bad, but to my tutor its like 'Oh yeah, they're coming along.. ok.. i guess..' that kinda response. I was thinking earlier what my tutor must think i get up to when im at home.. i dont do a lot to be honest, watch tv, do some work, go online, facebook, check out blogs and eat. Plus i dont get home until around 6-7ish which doesnt usually help. I only got 2hours sleep last night and got a 40minute nap earlier. I plan to do the same tonight - more late nights until the project is handed in. I have to make 30odd dolls in total, hopefully 20 tonight - if i can find all the fabric and get them finished tomorrow - the 20ish dolls at least, tomorrow night is focused on sketchbook, wednesday going round my friend's so she can help, and then sketchbook the rest until friday 3pm.

Although i wont be posting anything new, i'll still probs be checking out the usual blogs and the occassional comment of come friday and you'll get a bunch of comments from me.

Ok, off now.

Brap brap.

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the tea drinking english rose said...

thank you for the advice... and i'm sorry to hear about your rubbishy situation. :(

and the advice about the leggings... somedays i'm like no that's weird, then others i'm like ah well, my whole bum isn't on show!

ps... hate fmp! for mine i chose fashion textiles, and i had to make like 4 outfits!!! it was so crazy.
good luck!