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Monday, 23 June 2008

Chanel S/S 2008

Uh huh. Thats what the post is about today.

I tend to do a lot of random un-fashion posts so here is the second of many many many to come! - Get myself ready as being COMPLETELY fashion obsessed Fashion (Design/Styling/Promotion) Student come September. Plus this is meant to be a Art/Fashion/Random-ness blog, the former and last are the ones the posts on this blog tend to be about, so i owe it to you that i have fashion images and fashion-ness.

Paris-Londres 2008

I love this collection. Chanel is one of the few designers that i can find few faults with - Karl is a legend. I think the Amy Winehouse inspired hair also helps, but the outfits alone are just amazing.

Oh, and it was Karl's first London show! Ooh.

Images taken from here:

I love love love the collection, especially these 5 pics (and a few others because blogger only lets you upload 5 at a time and there is about 7 more i love love, but 7 images in a row (with no writing in between) is a bit too much. ).

  • The purple one - just because its in purple!!! It reminds me of a russian doll.
  • The grey pops out quite a bit and the little bag is so cute!
  • Daisy Lowe.
  • Fuzzy puffball.
  • Devon Aoki - im going to do a seperate post on her.


Tavi said...

Normally I'm not crazy over Chanel, nor do I check their stuff often, but this line is great!! I must see more...

the tea drinking english rose said...

i want chanel jewellery.

love daisy lowe.
by the way....my mother-dearest through out my forever friends duvet set.... so the retro is left to you!!!
it was a sad day..... ohhh.

B said...

The first one looks quite fancy.

Sugar Pop said...

awesome, awesome, awesome collection

head in the clouds. said...

fantastic! trade links perhaps?