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Wednesday, 11 June 2008


Ok, first things first, i was tagged by the tea drinking english rose, but i have done the quizzy thing before and err.. here is the link?

I have been trying to avoid blogging for the past few days, due to my course ending soon and me trying to avoid work and now having the thoughts of me failing which is very likely going the way i am... but i'll stay up late to make sure i finish everything.. just feeling so uninspired really...

I did eventually finish that essay - i stayed up until 4:15am! I went to college early to type it up - why i didnt type it up was my reason that my college have mainly apple macs, and they dont do the right click copy and paste you get with the normal microsoft stuff, but i ended up giving it late and while re-typing it felt so stupid all the things i said so i ended up shortening it and making it sound a LOT worse than what was originally wrote.. the last resort is me getting referred - basically, i failed my assessment, i wouldnt pass and my tutor calling said student up, telling them whats happened and giving them two weeks to make it work - like Tim Gunn but with an extra two weeks - but this would only let me have a Pass at the highest grade. To be honest, i am happy with a Pass, i only need a pass to get into my uni course.

This is bit of a shit post. Sorry. I'll be less annoying/depressing in the next one.I need to do work. My mind is everywhere but im trying to avoid it all. Just ignore this for now.

Next post - 101 dalmation bedcovers. Oh yeah :D

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the tea drinking english rose said...

i am rubbish! lol sorry alot for not paying attention.

you poor thing, i hate it when it all goes like that, but as you're probably feeling rather pants about it all, maybe it's not as bad as it is...... and if you really have to believe that it is, then hey a pass is good enough like you said! lol.

i cannot wait to see the bedcovers! maybe i should specialise in bedcovers! ooh maybe we should make our own!
we really should!

stay positiveeeeee