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Friday, 13 June 2008

My heart melts.

This isnt the suprise post that everyone should brace themselves for, but i HAD to put this little one in.


Moleskine on flickr

I just discovered Moleskine - the link is for the UK, but obvs. for those in the US, just add .us to the end.

Ive always loved graphicsy/illustration things. Even though i'll be doing fashion design/promo. course come september, im a illustrator/visual imaginator at heart. Though my illustrations are not the best nor consistant. I do better with drawing random things when the time feels right. Which reminds me that i need to update my flickr and deviantART.

Since i was about 7-8, ive kept diaries/journals. I dont religiously write in them all the time - thats when i did keep them, i havent kept one this year, mainly due to college 'commitments', but now its (soon to be) summer, great time to keep one.

So these Moleskin books looks really nice, especially when you see them in this kinda style...

Yes, i do tend to get a lot of pictures via flickr too.

Moleskin sketch 026
When Will It Be Larger Than The Pocket Moleskin?
My internet is being pissy and not letting 'display' flickr anymore - its probably a sign, so i'll just leave at these two pics. I have roughly £6 something in my bank.. i think im going to buy one of these babies despite my low funds. They are soo cute. I'll pop into WHSmith, Sussex Stationers and Paperchase tmoro too to have a look around. I have overdue library books. I dont want to be fined! I cant afford it! I bought two packs of Polaroids today.

It was also the last day of my Foundation course :( we got the studio all cleared out - i never realised how much CRAP my little tiny space had, so much paint - but afterwards we went to 'Spoons (Wetherspoons) and i go to take some good ol' Polaroids. This is mainly for my project and the exhibition coming soon. I cant figure out how i want my space to look like, all i know is im having two white boards and two shelves holding my dolls.

Anyone been watching the new Gladiators? I dont usually watch it, but just watched one episode with my bro, and the little chinese man.. He's a tiny little man and the 'Gladiators' are like twice his size, it is ever so funny. Plus they pulled his little shorts down. The embarrasment.

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Dapper Kid said...

I love moleskines, I literally have like a dozen from over the years, full of diary entries, ticket stubs, little sketches and bits of poetry - you should defo buy one!!

I'm using a little notebook from Paperchase at the moment though, cos it had a cute design, and I spend far too much time in the Victoria Station one because of Uni travel so I always end up buying something!

I've only caught like two episodes of the new Gladiators, I love the fact that the old referee man is still there!