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Monday, 16 June 2008


This will be a partially rushed post so i do apologise in advance but i have been meaning to do this post for a while now.
Dedicated to the tea drinking english rose because she has friggin lovely taste in bedcovers, here is one my two sets of sheets.

Ive had these sheet since i was about.. roughly 7-8? So thats a good 10, nearly 11years now. I would post pictures of the other set i own, but im in a rush and my camera takes at least 15-20minutes just to upload pictures i dont see no point of it right now. Or in the up-coming days. Even uploading pictures to upload here via blogger is taking ages.

I think i had pillow cases to go with this duvetcover - Pongo? - but i havent seen them for a good couple of years so maybe during the weekend i might go have a look around...
It can be kinda embarrasing when people come round, although no-one says anything, i know they're thinking 'why does she have 101 Dalmation covers?'

1 comment:

the tea drinking english rose said...

w i c k e d!!!

i love them! i still have a forever friends one i think... i'll have to go check tomorrow, and i'll change my bedcovers. :)

i would help you with your dolls also, but obviously... i can't! sorry.
good good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ps.. i want see the other bedcover you mentioned before lol.