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Sunday, 15 June 2008


I was planning on a post about some sort of clothing outfit i was planning to buy once they hit the sales, but Topshop has already been done - and my letter of complaint to get the free stuff needs to be written, and H&M doesnt do that online ordering thing, there arent many shops i shop at that have online shops so i decided to have a look for more Moleskine journals.

Ive already got about 4 books ready in my basket on Amazon, just waiting for a small delivery of money on tuesday (i think, should things go my way) and they will be ready to be a 'confirm order' and ive already ordered one off Play.com. But ive found another website that does them. By now, im starting to think they're all roughly the same price, but im trying to avoid the actual Moleskine website and go to other sites, dont ask why, but going to different websites NOT Moleskine's, each site offers different selections of the journals/diaries/planners, so this is another reasont to justify why the fuck im doing this :)

I do apologize for the *ahem* bad language, but in real life, i do swear like a pikey. This blog, ive kept the swearing to a very low percentage.

Im fairly obsessed on this Moleskine journal buying thing. Ive already got 10 sketchbooks ready for Uni in sept. Its crazy. I have to stop going into Cass Art. My next obsession was Polaroids - i have 5 'spare' packs, and now this Moleskin, if, everything goes to 'plan', i will have 5. Possibly more.

If you think this is bad, i own 10 pairs of Converses and i only started buying them in 2002. Ok, 6 years and only 10 pairs, but last year when i went Hong Kong, in ONE 2 week trip, i bought 4 pairs.

I really want some Pigma pens too. That calls for a trip to Cass Art though... I was planning to go London next saturday, but i cant remember why. I was thinking of it earlier, go to London to do something, it wasnt go to Borders like i usually do... Could it be Cass Art? Ok, i will shut up about these soon, but i think it was about the Pigma pens i was going to go London for. Its kinda one of the downfalls of living so close there, its just a train away.

I think i need to stop going on flickr so much too.

I promise the next post is bedcovers based.


Stephanie said...

I want a Moleskine! How much do they cost?

Sugar Pop said...

oops! i forgot to reply to your comment 1000000 years ago...
if you don't remember, you said i reminded you of Karen O.
don't worry! i do take that as a compliment! although she may be a tad bit more eccentric (/a lot more) i love the yeah yeah yeahs!!!

maybe if you comment again, i'll actually reply this time??? :P


elle said...

I just bought my moleskine diary for next year yesterday! This does mean though, that I can't plan to do anything until it starts at the end of June...!