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Monday, 23 June 2008


Indeedy i am. Hence this new post.

Its taken me a while to post as i dont really know what to say.

My Foundation course has finished!!!! I finished the dolls - i made one of everyone in my class - and my sketchbook, well, i rushed it and wish i had a few more days to finish it. But hopefully it'll be ok. There's always that referral but i dont really want to be referred. Today is monday as im writing this so in about 8hours all the tutors will start marking everyone's work... i wont hear until at least thursday if i passed or not. If i dont hear anything from my tutor on thursday/friday then that means i have at least a pass, but if i do, then i'll be referred.

My exhibition is 2nd-5th July at West Kent College in Tonbridge, if any readers or passers by read this post and are somewhat near and able to come see it, please do. The 1st is the Private View which i cant wait for!

I saw the Sex and the City film earlier..

And i just found out the girl who plays Lily York Goldenblatt (Charlotte's adopted daughter) is played by TWINS!!!! I love them! They are just SOOOO damn cute!

The film.. im not going to talk about the plot incase some people havent seen it so i dont want to spoil it for them, but it wasnt as good as i thought it would be!!!! I think it was knowing that it was the movie and not an episode so i was expecting it end all happily as it was the movie - which apparently there is talks of a sequel!!!!!?!!???!!?!! The part about Samantha... :O and the Charlotte thing, you know what im on about, that was SOOOOOOO funny. But i would give it a 9/10 if i was rating the film. I cant hate it, i love the SATC girls and most things they do.

I received the Moleskine notebook i ordered. I received it on friday, but i was fairly disappointed, i was expecting the same normal paper quality im used to and not the thick-ish paper, plus it was a bit smaller than expected too. Im considering buying a slightly bigger one, the size was my main problem.

Wow, im nearly falling asleep as im typing!

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