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Monday, 23 June 2008

Buying stufffff.

Action Lomo Sampler.
I dont know if i'll get it in that exact colour but it would be fookin' cool to get it!!!!

I've always lusted after one of these babies for at least a few months now but i kinda put the idea on hold when i had the art project, but now its over, i've ordered it and am now waiting for it to arrive. It should arrive roughly wednesday/thursday. Hopefully.

As i was waiting for my friend to arrive i went around looking for some Polaroid film. I bought the film and some normal film. The film will be for my Action Lomo Cam.

If you dont know about the cam, the quick explanation is that it basically takes 4 pics at a time on the same photo, and would show a moving shot basically. Take one shot and the image you get in split in 4...

Both images can be found on Flickr by typing in 'Lomo Action Sampler'.

Im reeeally tired now, so im going to watch a few more minutes of my tapes Heroes and then shower and sleep.


1 comment:

Dapper Kid said...

Oooooo love it, I'm thinking I may get one of these off eBay. Post up your first set of photos when you get it pretty please!!!