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Friday, 13 June 2008

Late night blogging. becomes Late night rambling.

I should really go to sleep.

Its either the early morning or late night re-checking of blogs.

I would like to share this with you all.

I read a LOT of blogs. Roughly (scamming through my 'favourites') 15-odd so blogs. The content of the blogs vary - did i spell that right? - mostly fashion, and from time to time there are what the blogger - usually the bloggette will talk about a 'girl crush'. This is not a 'girl crush', oh no, this is a I-dont-even-fancy-girls,-but-her-hair-is-so-cool-I-'would'. And by would is to make her my trophy 'wife'. And by 'trophy wife' is parade her around showing her off, i wouldnt even touch her, we'd have an open relationship of course :)

This is a hair crush. Her hair. Just SOOOOOO cool.

For those who dont know who she is, she is Katherine Moennig from The L Word. Her hair, seriously, wow. These were the most decent pictures of her i found off google.

There has been a time where ive seen her hair look bad. Not like 'bad hair day' bad, like 'i cant even look past this, why are you doing this to yourself, what was your hairdresser thinking?!?!?'

I cant a picture, but has anyone seen the film 'Art School Confidential'? If not, please. Do NOT buy this film. Dont bother renting it. Or buying it on pirate. I will GIVE you my copy, but to be honest i dont want to give you the pain of owning the copy and having to watch it and seeing it for the CRAP it is. Thats a personal review. I couldnt even get through HALF the film. I only bought this film for two reasons,

  1. Because Katherine Moennig was in it, thats how i found out about this film and
  2. The name says it all, Art School. The film is so bad. Ive generally BLOCKED out my feelings and memories of watching this film. Its cheesy and involves Sophia Myles being a life drawing model.

Katherine.M i think has a mullet in this film. It was so bad i was embarrased for her. Im glad i didnt buy the accompanying book that came with this film.

My Appletizer isnt tasting right. It doesnt have enough apple-y taste. I really should start complaining. Get some free complimentory stuff. Topshop would be on the top of my list.

My next post will be on my bedcover i promise. Prepare yourself.

1 comment:

yoncto said...

i need her shirt .. the one that says "dont judge a book by its cover"
i'd be hilarious wearing that... lol arrogant much? =D
i like her hair, too