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Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Uni clothes.

Well, these are some of the clothes that i hope will be in the sale when they next have a sale.... i need to change my clothes for Uni in sept. Im gona be a partial Fashion student.. i need to look cool.

All from Topshop.

If only Topshop wasnt so damn expensive. Hopefully i can get most of these pieces when they have a sale. Hopefully i would have a proper job by then, god knows i need the money.


the tea drinking english rose said...

i really want that skirt!
and those cute little shoes!! but so many colours to choose from.

the shirt is from topshop, but from last summer i'm afraid.

ps, irina - her hair is crazy in that pic!

ellie said...

Love this stuff..I have a skirt similar to this one. I know I'll be using it lots this summer.

the tea drinking english rose said...

i definitely think you should!!
that's such a good idea... topshop should give away free stuff if you rave about them so much!!! we'd both win a little something for sure!

shame i can't go buying anything... sad.

yeh, a terrible shame when someone has something you think is absolutely amazing, and it's from ages ago or vintage! sorry though.

the tea drinking english rose said...

ooh i forgot to mention... they are cath kidston... but only because i was lucky to get them in a smmer sale last year, i could not buy at the main price!

i'm poor

Stephanie said...

Cute stuff! I wish that store wasn't so damn expensive, I always go there when I visit my relatives and can barely afford a teeshirt...