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Sunday, 13 June 2010

I come out of nowhere bearing information...

I'm back. Temporarily. As are all my posts and how I roll.

I have a draft post dating from a few weeks ago, planning to be about the Sketchbook exhibition... but err... this post definitely not about that.

Just wanted to do a quick mini-post...

Two weeks and a day until I go to Paris!!!! Just very very excited! I went last year, but it was only for two days and.. well, that friendship pretty much ended soon afterwards... strange things a mini trip can do, eh? This time, the friend i'm going with, we're much closer and its for three days! At the moment, I need to call up Eurostar and try and arrange my first train (to Paris) to an earlier. Staying somewhere in the Mo
ntmartre area, near the Sacre Coeur :)

I have FIVE possible cameras to bring..
1. Digital camera - Canon IXUS 100
2. Diana Mini (no flash, sadly)
3 Fish Eye
4. Polariod and
5. ActionSampler

I want to take the first three, makes sense, I have plenty of 35mm film and digital photos is convenient and easy. Diana Mini, the style of pictures I want and Fish Eye is the same.

The Polaroid... I don't know.. I brought it with me last time.. it's just clunky to bring with me everywhere.. but I have a few packets of very much expiring Polaroid film in my room unused... and my worry is that the ink is drying up sooner than I want. It's already about a year expired... and ActionSampler.. I have it.. I should use it...

But to take ALL five cameras...

Perhaps leave the ActionSampler.. Paris will always be a possibility as a holiday.. I am going Barcelona this september.. perhaps i'll bring all my cameras then because I have four days...

Does anyone want to buy some Polaroid film off of me? If there are any takers, i'll only take them from the UK i'm afraid.. and preferably in London so I can meet in person and hand it over.. rather than go through the hassle of sending via post -
now I come to think of it... money is a issue too... but it can be sorted out... I dunno.

Thoughts about the camera situation?

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