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Sunday, 7 June 2009

Not yet my 100th post..

because i have quite a few posts in their drafts stages that will never get posted.

Have i really not blogged in so long? Seems much shorter, since last week or so.

A weird itch is trying to develop into a rash on my foot/leg, more of the ankle really, but if i refrain from scratching, maybe it will die down, seeing as the scratching caused it to develop into potential scariness.

No particular idea where im going with this post as usual, so here's an A-Z type list to get you through the bi-polar english weather.

BTW - MacBook :) its nice to have wireless/internet in my room. My old laptop screwed up even more, coincidentally the days leading up to the purchase of Mr MacBook, i said my goodbyes, caressing it a little... maybe it realized what was going on and
 decided that parting on good terms wasnt good enough, so it died on the inside a little and decided that having a decent quality desktop picture wasnt interesting and having it pixilated, or perhaps the occassional missing background was a brilliant way to go out.

But im here now. On the MacBook, which i am tempted to name 'Arthur', but i have a feeling ive named something else an 'Arthur'.. too new to vandalise it with stickers and labels yet.

My mind has gone *blank* i guess the next post is my little A-Z thing, its nearly 3am here, im beat, tired, kaput. Watching 'Bridget Jones: The edge of reason', waiti
ng for the bathroom to be free. Yes, my family work on slightly later bodyclocks compared to the genral public, or maybe its an asian thing, my parents work in the self-employed catering based company, so therefore in the evening/late evenings, which means they are up at night and asleep in the mornings. Not so great that this is how ive led my life and uni is in the mornings. Im a night-bird at heart, all these early mornings, i can wake up and eventually drag my arse out of bed, but its so hard when everyone else is awake and im just tempted to mooch around online all through the wee early hours.

This picture is in honor of those who have just showed at their last year of uni gradate shows. I had to help mine on the private view night, i didnt have a particular person to help, so i was left being bored out of mind for a few hours, but when i did help, i mainly helped the fashion tutor with something un-fashion related and then partially helped stand by the door when letting people in for the fashion show. 

The picture of the weird little things are my final major project, the one i did for my art foundation course last year (- have i already posted these pictures?). These little rag dolly things, were meant to represent each person in the class. Alright, its not quite degree standard, but this is the closest ive got. The idea of making something, rather than 2D stuff that i usually do. Of course, my 3D skills are pathetic. Its too soon to think of what i want to do, thats if i get as far as the 3rd year! But im thinking of something 2D, mixed media, 2D pop-up world. A mix of Rob Ryan and The Science of Sleep.

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Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

oh those dolls are amazing!!! i really want one!!hehe :)

well done for helping out with the 3rd years! my helper was amazing, and 3rd years are so grateful for the help.
good luck with your 3rd year, its gonna be fun!!