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Tuesday, 23 June 2009

One week until Paris..

in one week's time, i'll be on my way to the train station to go Paris!!!! Its the first train from King's Cross... then an overnight stay in Paris, yeeeesss!

This week, i generally have something planned everyday. Today, im going shopping with my friend - the one im going Paris with. Wednesday, picnic in Hyde Park with some uni friends that i wont see a lot over summer. Thursday, friends i havent seen for a while. Friday, im free, sleeping perhaps. Saturday, crashing a friend's birthday party, not so sure yet. Sunday, packing up. Following monday, buy last minute things, snacks, go over to my friend's. Tuesday, PARIS!

The hotel im staying at is situated opposite a cemetery, until now, i thought it was the one Jim Morrison was buried in. I wikipedia'd it... the only person i recognize on that list, without reading the little bits telling you who they are, was Man Ray. Fail. My friend is adamant that she must have 7-8hours sleep. NOooo!!! Two days in Paris, less than 48hours mind, and she needs to sleep properly! I plan to sleep little, which most likely means me wondering around the area of Montparnasse... which is where im staying... me wondering around means, hopefully taking photos? Im planning to buy a little book so fill up with sketches, doodles, whatever. But how many polaroid packs do i bring? Is 3 too much? Yes. Yes it is. I'll only bring 2. All this holiday stuff is getting me excited.

Aaaages ago, sometime last year, i was tagged to list 6 unimportant things that make me happy, well, here they are, at long last:
1. Making lists, something about it somewhat satisfies the OCD within me, like this trip thing, making lists of what im bringing to the mere 2-day trip!
2. Watching SATC, i have all the series on boxset, except 1, but that was not the best, so :)
3. Harry Potter.
4. When all the songs, album, podcasts on my iPod has all their album cover art. Again, another OCD thing. A need for order perhaps.
5. Puppies and kittens.
6. Wonderful blue skies.

I got stuck after the list thing. Nothing that makes me happy is ever 'unimportant'. Plus, im not so good at thinking of very specific personal things under pressure.


Dinah said...

Yay Paris! Quell exciting!

You're not alone in iPod album art; I do the same thing, almost frenetically searching for the most random album covers.

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Take three rolls! Can never have too many! I am so desperate to go to Paris...I've never been but have a slight obsession with it :)